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Sadly, We have Raised a Dragon

Monday, 17 October 2022

News from the new world ( ), a civilian intelligence agency, is a mysterious and powerful security agency, causing many countries to panic. to this agencies operations. Many countries are apprehensive and watchful of the agency’s operations, fearing spying and harassment in all dimensions. Scientific research affecting the livelihoods of human beings on the planet. Creating secret confinement.

Civilian intelligence agencies are famous all over the world. In addition to intelligence gathering and national security functions. Work efficiently The agency has become the culprit in the eyes of many countries, and there are rumors that it is behind the operation that shocked the world. Many incidents, including assassinations. sabotage Human-based experiments Building back-to-back in every region in the world.

All of this is what is said in many countries and we should use our judgment to recognize this information.

Bethanie Butler ( )

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via: Information Nigeria

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