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Write For NewsFetchers

 Our Mission at NewsFetchers is to bring that news from Country level to Street level to you our readers in realtime.
 To achieve this, we need writers from all over 36states in Nigeria.

 Got a country level, state, or community news you want to share with the readers?
 Or are you a writer/blogger that wants to be featured on our site?

 NewsFetchers is opening up for writers who want to write, contribute and let their voices be heard.
 News posted can range from topics about social issues, relationships, humor, fashion,Culture, Inspirational, Campus, Community, Events, Happenings etc.

 Here are the terms to writing an article for NewsFetchers:

1. Articles should be original i.e. Not copied from a different source that is not originally yours. However, If some information is derived from other sources please state the source in the article.
2. Articles should, as much as possible refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group.
 If any article is reported by readers and confirmed as against our terms, NewsFetchers reserves the right to remove such writer from the contributors list after proper investigation.
3. Articles should be fairly accurate where dates, events, and places are mentioned.
4. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors. This does not mean vernacular cannot be used. If you write in pidgin english then by all means do so. We are not opposed to that.
5. Articles should have a picture related to the article topic included in the article. This helps out a great deal as our blog system lays out articles with a picture thumb.

Download our Writing Guide By Clicking Here
Download our Approved Label List By Clicking Here

 How do I earn writing for NewsFetchers?

 We know volunteering to write isn't an easy one. So we have prepared a means of income for our writers.

. When a contributor get brands or companies to advertise their products and services on NewsFetchers, he/she gets 50% of the referred company's advertisement payment.
Contributors Recognition

 As a contributor, your name will be published on our global contributors list at  as soon as it’s fully deployed.

What is embedded Advertisement?

 Embedded advertisements are adverts you place into your article after writing one.
Here is why embedded Advertisements are great.
1. Readers get to see the advert content as they read an article.
2. This is good for local advertisements, why?
     Because, our blogging system has been made in such a way that readers can navigate to a specific Geo-political zone or State.
     Readers who read their community news which you're writing on, will get to see advertisements from the
     environs while they read your posts.
     With this, Companies from environs get their advertisements delivered to the right audience.

To become a contributor you need a Gmail account and you'll be required to send us your information and a scanned copy of your ID e.g Drivers License, International Passport,  School ID, Organization/Firm ID e.t.c
To register as a contributor, click the following link, REGISTER AS CONTRIBUTOR
The contributor role allows you write/manage/publish your article, upload the pictures,music or video associated with the article.
 While we encourage writers to come in as a contributor, if it comes to our notice that a contributor is going against our writing terms after investigation, we reserve the right to remove such writer from the contributors list.
 With that being said, register now, and start letting your voice be heard. For questions issues and concerns please contact
 Thanks for the support.

NewsFetchers Team.

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