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inq. Nigeria to help Girl-child Bridge the Workplace Digital Gap

Thursday 16 May 2024

Lagos, Nigeria; May 14, 2024: In its resolve to continue to encourage gender equality and bridge the gap in the work environment, in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space, inq.Nigeria, the global leading-edge solutions provider, with innovative business-relevant services in Digital, Cloud, Intelligent Connectivity and Security solutions in Nigeria, has called for the support of the girl-child to occupy the driver’s seat in the global ICT ecosystem and technology advancement.

The call to action was made during the celebration of this year’s International Girls in ICT Day, an event aimed at recognizing and empowering girls and women in ICT-related careers. Organized by E-Business Life Communication Limited and supported by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the 12th edition took place at the prestigious Oriental Hotel under the theme, “Leadership.”

During the event, Mr. Ifeanyi Akosionu, Managing Director of inq. Nigeria, emphasized the importance of efforts and policies aimed at equipping youth with digital skills. He highlighted the company’s collaboration with relevant bodies and stakeholders to create an enabling environment for young girls and women to pursue careers in the ICT sector. Mr. Akosionu stressed the need to bridge the gender gap in ICT, emphasizing that special attention must be given to attracting girls to ICT fields to prevent further divide.

He underscored the significance of preparing the girl-child for the future by acquiring digital skills, noting that ICT proficiency is essential for survival in the future. Mr. Akosionu advocated for investment in early ICT education, affirmative action in hiring women in STEM fields, and a shift in socio-cultural beliefs to encourage women’s participation in STEM. He concluded by stating that investing in the girl-child’s education ultimately benefits the nation as a whole.

The convener of the forum and Publisher of eBusiness Life Magazine, Ufuoma Emuophedaro, highlighted the growing interest in digital skills across Africa but emphasized the need for greater emphasis in Nigeria. She underscored the global imperative for increased female participation in the ICT sector, given the projected reliance on technology for future job roles. Emuophedaro expressed gratitude to inq. Nigeria for their steadfast support of the Girls in ICT initiative and praised the company’s mentorship program, providing valuable experience for young girls in the ICT field.

inq. Nigeria and all the other inq. entities remain dedicated to investing in early ICT education, particularly focusing on empowering the girl-child. This commitment serves as the cornerstone of our partnership and unwavering support for this commendable initiative,” Akosionu concluded.

To commemorate the International Girls in ICT Day, The Lagoon School, Lekki, Lagos came top in the quiz competition, while Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls High School Yaba, Lagos came top in the vlogging competition amongst schools that participated in the event.


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inq. is a leading -Edge solutions provider with a presence in over 7 African countries (Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Cameron, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa and Malawi). inq. Nigeria delivers cutting-edge solutions across four major service categories: Cloud Solutions, Digital Solutions, Security solutions and, Intelligent Connectivity.

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