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2023 Poll: Our Chances Of Winning Saturday’s Election High – ADP Presidential Candidate

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Presidential Candidate of Action Democratic Party (ADP) Yabaji Sani, says his chances of winning Saturday’s presidential election is high.

Sani said this in Abuja in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum.

He said that the bigger parties were all troubled with so many internal crisis which made the chances of him and his party emerging victorious at the poll brighter.

“Look at the so called big parties, they are all crumbling, what is happening with the All Progressives Congress (APC), the party is crumbling, just look at the commotion.

“The governors are sueing the government, the Supreme court is saying what the government has said over the New Naira notes should be reverse, while the council of governors are saying Mr President decisions is a good intention.

“They say they have cabals here and there, the man who is supposed to take over from the president is also saying something is wrong with its government, the APC are fighting themselves.

“So our chances of winning is getting bighter and brighter and God is answering our prayers,” he said.

He said that another factor that would guarantee his emergence as the next president of the country was because the party had addressed the three sentiments in the choice of candidates for president and running mate.

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According to him, ADP has the most balanced presidential ticket that fulfills the requirements or criterion in electing the next president of the country.

“If you talk about equity and the region that has to be given the opportunity to rule based on equity, it is either North Central or South East.

“Our party, the ADP is sensitive to the poltical dynamics in Nigeria and we have addressed the issues and sentiment in the selection of my running mate.

“The choice of my running mate is based on, number one he’s an Igbo man, he is a Pastor and thirdly he is from the South.

“So by ethnicity, religion and region, ADP has addressed this issues, but if you look at party like the APC, they even have a Muslim-Muslim ticket which is unacceptable, ” he said.

Sani said that Nigerians should allow the South East and the North Central that had been denied the opportunity to rule in a democratic system to win the election and provide equitable governance.

He said that when the party won the presidential seat, politicians and party members from other parties would decamp into the party.

This he said was because most Nigerian politicians were fair weather and would only want to be in the ruling party, adding that the ADP was prepared to accommodate them.

He said that after the Feb. 25 elections, the APC and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would no longer be relevant in the political space.

“We have seen it happen before, the same people that were in APC are the people in PDP, because all our politicians are fair weather.

“And believe you me when i become the president of Nigeria, APC and PDP will no longet exist,” he said.

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via: Information Nigeria

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