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2023 Election: Stop Fighting One Another Over Preferred Candidates, Actor Kunle Remi Tells Nigerians

Saturday 11 February 2023

Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi, has urged Nigerians to stop fighting each other over the candidate they choose to vote for in the forthcoming election.

The actor on his Insta stories on Friday stated that every Nigerian is entitled to choose his or her preferred candidates and shouldn’t be bullied for their choices.

Kunle Remi wrote, “Have you ever heard of that saying divide to conquer? I think that is a very strong thing for people in power, right? For people in power, they divide to conquer.

“I’m saying this because I don’t really understand why people will fight each other for not choosing the same candidate to vote for. People choose their candidates for different reasons.

“Some are loyal to some people because of what they’ve done for them in their lives personally and some are just confused and while some are very strong and convinced with who they are voting for.

“Different reasons to vote, but I think the worst thing we can do as human beings that want to change is fighting each other, or it’s just ridiculous and tiring and these guys they see it, they see the divide amongst us.

“Choose who you want to choose and vote for who you want to vote for. We all know who we are going to vote for at the end of the day. Even the people that are shouting vote for Peter Obi, half of them will run.

“Those that are shouting vote for Asiwaju, half of them don’t have PVCs. It’s like those that are going to stone and destroy banks. They don’t have money in the banks.

“If you want Peter Obi, vote for him. You want Asiwaju, vote for him. You want Atiku, vote for him. All of them are still political candidates that have following.

“I’d rather you hold strong people that are on the same page with you than fight people that are not on the same page with you. It’s just a different ball game. You cannot force anyone to do what you want to do.

“We all shouted Buhari some years ago. We wanted a change and because he sold change to us, we jumped on the wagon.

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“Yeah, we got change, but the only problem is that the change we got was in reverse. It didn’t move forward. So we’ve all made these mistakes and now people are more careful.”he added.

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via: Information Nigeria

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