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Anyone Who Says We Are One Nigeria Is Just Lying To Themselves – Chioma Ifemeludike

Saturday 21 May 2022

Popular Nigerian actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has added her voice to the many celebs that are calling for a swift action from the government over the ongoing crisis that is stomping on the people of Nigeria.

Taking to her Instagram account, Chioma Ifemeludike opined that anyone who still thinks Nigeria is united is just deceiving themselves. She explained that the disunity and dislike among Nigerians have grown to the extent that it can be felt and touched.

“Anyone who says we are on Nigeria is just lying to themselves. Truth is, we are not even close to 2 talk more of one. The disunity, dislike and mistrust amongst us is so loud and clear that you can practically touch it. We need an honest conversation about the history and future of Nigeria”.

Chioma Ifemeludike went on to say that Nigeria can never experience growth as the foundations of the country are built on lies, greed and injustice.

“For how long do we continue like this? How can we expect growth on a foundation built on lies, greed, selfishness, injustice and hate? We must as a matter of urgency, at least for the respect of human lives and dignity, spark up a truthful conversation about the way forward outta this mess we call a society. A place soaked in the blood of innocent children, women, youths etc. Where are our traditional leaders , religious leaders and elders state-men??? We need their voices now more than ever, the voices of truth,about the future of Nigeria”

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via: Information Nigeria

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