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The relocation trends are changing, reports statistics!!!

Friday, 8 October 2021

Our world is changing faster than anything and similar to this, the moving industry is also changing with the latest relocation trends. And the recent coronavirus pandemic has brought a big change in the relocation trends. The pandemic has brought lots of changes in our lives. Once it brings a stop to all the things but now thankfully all the things are getting to normal but with certain big changes.

Now most of the moves have a reason of pandemic behind it like college students are leaving their dorms because the colleges are closed for an uncertain period, people are moving to the fewer crowdy areas, first time, people are moving more to rural areas from urban areas and because of their financial crisis that they face because of corona pandemic.

Check out these relocation trends which have changes the statistics entire from the last couple of years to now.  According to statistics, one out of 5 Americans is moving now because of the corona pandemic.

Who has moved because of the pandemic and why?

Young adults are moving more than anyone else

Yes, young adults lying in between the age group of 18 to 29 are moving higher because of the corona outbreak and the reasons are job loss, working remotely from their homes, and the closing of the colleges and schools. And these are the factors which affect the lives of almost all the youngsters and they are hiring cross country movers too to move successfully.

More and more young adults are moving back to their hometowns because they can work remotely and almost all are facing a financial crisis.

Remote work is the reason behind the mass migration

The pandemic has changed the way how people tend to work. Now they don’t need to go to their offices to work as they can work from their homes. So now they don’t need to live within a comfortable commutation distance to their company and they can live wherever they wanted to. Now 25% of the total Americans are working from their homes and there is no certain time that when the offices will open. And this is the 87% rise in percentage from the people that were working remotely before the pandemic. This is how this has changed the statistics and now you can see a completely different and unexpected graph of relocations using movers as well as moving trucks.

Moving into less crowdy areas

As virtual schools and remote work is working everywhere therefore now people can choose to live wherever they want. Like if they want to have a more spacious home which is almost impossible to take in urban large expensive cities like New York so now they can move to fewer crowded areas and can have a more spacious home to live in. There are higher moves from Colorado, North Carolina, and Texas and people are leaving these cities.

Moving percentage of all aged people

According to surveys, 22% of the young adults has moved last year, and 9% of people age 65 and plus has moved. In the same way, 15% of people of age 30 to 49, 10% of people between the age 50 to 64 has moved. Education and income are also the things that have played a significant role in how people are moving.

Urban areas are losing residents and suburban areas are gaining

Before people has the desire to move to urban areas but now things have changed and now most people are moving out from urban areas than move in. 91% of the suburban areas are seeing a growth in the number of people. And most of the local moves are because of the economic downturn of people as they don’t have enough amount to pay to people.

Where do Americans has moved?

The region around San Francisco and San Jose which has the most expensive house market saw a good increase of permanent moves here and also the temporary moves have doubled here. While the rest of the US residents are not moving to the expensive places where taxes and house markets are higher and they are finding more affordable options and moving to the other less expensive cities likes Stockton and so on.

In the same way, the people from New York City are seeing a significant loss of numbers of residents here. The loss is increasing with each passing day. Though if there is any indication further then the loss could decrease. All the small cities like Boise, ID, Johnson City, TN, Sarasota, FL, Asheville, NC, Ocala, FL, Huntsville, AL are seeing good growth in the population.

Bottom line!!!

So, now you can see the changing moving trends statistics. While it is quite fun to look at the moving trends and if you are considering moving then consider all your needs and preferences because every move is unique and the needs are different. It is recommended you book the movers earlier because the number of moves is increasing after the pandemic.

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