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Get YouTube Views Fast: Best Sites To Buy More Views

Monday 3 May 2021

Since 2005, YouTube has proven to be the most trusted platform for sharing video content. However, many of its users struggle with getting engagement on their content. And you would agree that buying views and subscribers is a quicker way to expose your videos on the platform.

Nevertheless, only a few people are aware of buying YouTube views. This post promises to inform those without appropriate knowledge about buying YouTube views and its benefits.

The remaining part of this post will reveal what to do when your videos don’t get enough engagements and the benefits of buying views. In the end, you will see a list of the top five sites to selling YouTube views.

What To Do When Your Videos Don’t Get Enough Views

Nothing is more frustrating for a YouTuber than when their contents have little to no engagements. The struggle for increased views and subscribers can be utterly challenging for the uninformed mind. This section will reveal the necessary steps to take to improve your YouTube engagements.

1.     Improve on Your Video Content

This might be an obvious tip, but it is a serious step to getting more views on your YouTube content. If you want to get more subscribers and views, your video contents need to be more valuable than it used to be. After creating each video, watch the video closely with critical eyes.

This will help you weigh the content value in it against the competition. Once YouTubers begin to see valuable content in your videos, they unconsciously feel inclined to keep watching videos from your channel.

2.     Start Optimising Your YouTube Videos

Just like a random search on Google, YouTube operates based on similar principles. With precise optimization, your video can get ranked higher than the competition. In simpler terms, optimizing your YouTube videos allows your content to appear among the top results after a search.

Although it is easy to quickly over-optimize your content, try making it more straightforward. Generally, optimizing your YouTube videos involves four main things.

  • Tags
  • Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Description

3.     Buy YouTube Views and Subscribers

It might sound unprofessional and feel like cheating, but that’s not the case. Buying YouTube views saves you the struggles and challenges presented with trying to grow your channel.

If you want to quickly go up in the YouTubers ranks, buying views and subscribers is the quickest means. This allows your video content to reach a larger audience by showing among the top search results.

4.     Write Better YouTube Titles

Primarily, the title of your YouTube videos is the first contact subscribers will have with your content. Mainly, the title of your content can either make a YouTuber ignore or click on the video. If you created a title based on a keyword, ensure that it explains that the video covers the words.

If you want to make a video about “how to bake a cake,” you can try making the title more convincing. Try writing the title as “How to Bake A Cake for Beginners With $5.” This title appeals to a specific audience better than the previous plain text.

Benefits of Buying Views on YouTube

Growing a YouTube channel, the traditional way can be utterly challenging. And this is because you would have to struggle with creating the perfect “everything” for your video to reach the right audience. However, buying YouTube views is a better means of promoting your videos.

Here are a few benefits of buying YouTube views.

1.     It Offers Social Proof to People

One significant thing rampaging all social media platforms is that more likes, comments, thumbs up, views, and subscribers equals valuable content. Many people tend to interact more with channels having large subscribers and views.

The reason for this is due to a misconception many people showcase. In a nutshell, buying just a sufficient amount of subscribers and views places your channel on a “reputable scale.”

2.     Brings More Subscribers

You are more likely to have more subscribers on your YouTube by having many engagements. Generally, with bought views, your contents get the exposure it requires. And if it is valuable enough, it appeals to some people to subscribe.

3.     Ranks You Higher on YouTube

This primarily every YouTuber’s dream, and you can get it simply by buying views for a few bucks. Statistically, over 60% of YouTubers search through the box rather than straight to a channel. Therefore, buying views, allows your content to appear among top search results.

4.     Easier and Faster Way to Grow Your Channel

No stress, no struggle, and no challenge – all you need to do is pay for it. Unlike the organic way of growing your channel, buying YouTube views prevents you from waiting months before hitting 100K engagements on your post.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (5 Sites)

Let’s take a look at the top five sites selling YouTube views;

1.     Stormview

You can buy YouTube views and subscribers conveniently with Stormview. This site offers a speedy delivery service for all their customers.

It also runs a 24/7 customer support system for people looking for help. If you need a site with various packages for buying views and subscribers, Stormview is there for you.


This is one of the most reputable sites for buying authentic, real, and engaging YouTube subscribers. Just as YouTube frowns on the use of bots for increasing the subscriber count, so does this site. offers its services quickly that its customers do not need to wait long hours before getting subscribers after payment. It also runs a 24/7 customer service support system to help customers in need of help.

3.     Useviral

Undoubtedly, Useviral poses to be one of the best sites selling YouTube views. They do not only offer the option of buying view but also likes, shares and subscribers.

Use viral is famous for delivering top-quality services within the specified time frame. Unlike other sites, Userviral offers a replacement guarantee for subscribers that might fall off your channel over time.

4.     Sides Media

Sides Media is a valuable and credible site, selling authentic YouTube likes and subscribers – not bots. This site has an extensive database of YouTube accounts it uses to boost YouTubers’ channels.

Their service is completely safe – they do not require any of your sensitive information to operate. Additionally, Sides Media offers different packages that will help increase your YouTube engagements.

5.     QQTube

QQTube is one of the cheapest and most credible YouTube channel booster available. It offers authentic subscribers and 1000 views for as low as $2.80.

According to QQTube, it runs 24/7 customer service support to help its clients in need. Their main selling point is in their fast delivery of service after payments.


Buying views and subscribers has proven to be a better and quicker means of going up in YouTube ranking. Although buying YouTube views and subscribers can go wrong, for this reason, it is advisable that YouTubers only purchase from reputable sites.

This will ensure that their channels remain active on the platform because YouTube bans such accounts. When you want to buy YouTube views and subscribers, use any of the top five mentioned sites – they are credible and trustworthy.

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