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How to Make Your Paper Look Longer and Better: 9 Tips

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Have you been assigned to write an academic paper with a certain word limit? Do you find it difficult to meet the teacher’s requirements? Every student is familiar with the situation when you rack the brains for hours on what to write about to reach the necessary limit. The best solution in such situations is to ask someone, from WriteMyPaperHub, who is a real professional in writing essays. All you need is to send a request to experts: “Write my paper for me”. They know how to complete your paper from scratch on any topic so that it meets the requirements of the most demanding college professor.  

Do you want to make your paper longer and better on your own? Then, check 5 effective tips on how to meet the word count requirements using creativity. 

Check Whether You’ve Included All Paper Sections

The very first thing you should do is to check the teacher’s guidelines. Make sure that you have written the paper following the instructions.  You will lack the words if your paper doesn’t contain one of the must-have sections. You could forget to include some arguments on the topics or some other important pieces of information. Check the requirements of the paper step by step and make sure that your paper contains all of the necessary sections.

Add Some Transitional Words and Phrases

Reread your paper and add transitional phrases and words where it is possible. Be careful not to spoil your paper. You can add phrases “On the one hand”, “On the other hand”, “Otherwise”, etc. In some cases, they help to make the paper more readable and logical. You will achieve your goal – make the paper longer by including transitions for the better flow of your thoughts and ideas.

Write Numbers in Words

There is no rule that prohibits writing characters in words. When you spell out numbers, you make an academic paper longer without any harm to the content. The paper’s readability doesn’t worsen while the length of the paper is approaching the one you need according to the requirements.

Avoid Abbreviations and Contractions 

You should check if there are any abbreviations in the paper. If yes, you are recommended to write the abbreviation and the phrase in full in brackets. It’s a good way to make a paper a bit longer. Also, make sure that you don’t have contractions. Write “do not”, “does not”, “cannot”, “will not”. 

Experiment with Fonts and Spacing

If there are no special requirements for the font and spacing, check which will help to make your paper look longer. Of course, there are fonts that may not suit the formal essay style. Take this into account and choose the best one for your paper depending on your teacher’s requirements and the type of assignment.

Add More Descriptions

You can’t make the text much longer by changing the font or spacing – if you are far from reaching the word count you need a more radical solution. So, what can it be? Reread your text again and make it more creative by adding adjectives to nouns, where it is possible. Write longer paragraphs with descriptions and discussions relevant to your paper topic. 

Find Quotes that Will Add Value to Your Paper

Look for the sayings of famous people that could be included in the paper. Quotes can help you make your paper not only longer but also add value to your paper. Readers love it when the author adds a quote where some celebrity, scientist, or other famous person expresses his/her point of view on the topic. By the way, your paper will sound more well-grounded if it contains a reasonable number of quotes.

Write Each Section on a New Page

You should write the title of the page on a separate page. Then, write content. After it, you can start your introduction on a new page. According to the structure of any academic paper, it should consist of an introduction, the main body, the conclusion, and the references. Start each new section of your project on a new page. Take into account that it is recommended to start writing new ideas from a new paragraph.  Make the periods a bit larger than usual. You can include more information sources in the bibliography list and add one or even more pages to the paper. It will look longer but keep in mind that the teacher won’t count the words from the references. 

Make Titles of Each Section More Creative

Check whether you have written original headers for all your paper sections. You can add words to the header making it longer and better. Underline the title and choose the bold style. Extend the title by adding the words that can help the reader understand what the paper is about.

All these tips can help you make your paper a bit longer. But if you need to extend it much, you are recommended to check samples on the Internet and get inspired to add some essential parts to the paper. Remember that your academic project shouldn’t be wordy. In case, you have no idea what to add to the paper so that it sounds great, ask custom writers to help you. Experienced writers will help you to meet the word count requirements by adding valuable information, interesting facts, and ideas that will make your paper brilliant and worth an A-grade.

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