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Ajimobi Cheated On Me Twice – Wife Tells Daughter (Video)

Thursday 9 April 2020

Florence Ajimobi, the former First Lady of Oyo State, has opened up to her daughter Abisola Kola Daisi that her husband, former Oyo state governor, Abiola Ajimobi cheated on her once or twice.

In the video which has started gaining traction online, Florence also explained how she handled his infidelity.

According to Florence, she caught her husband cheating on her once or twice but she chose to forgive him each time to save her marriage. She said she never called him out for it after he apologizes.

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She said: “Even on one or two occasions that I’ve caught him cheating, he will apologize. And once he apologizes and it ends, I never go back to them again, I never Bisola, I never ever discussed it.

“Because, what I’m saying is, to err is human, to forgive is divine. We are friends.

”Even as a wife, sometimes I fall below his expectations. Sometimes we do things that is even worse than cheating.”

“Like what? What is worse? What can I do that is worse than cheating?” Her first child Abisola Kola Daisi asked.

The former First Lady of Oyo State responded: “I know some women that build houses without their husband knowing. It’s as bad. It’s as bad. Why would you do such a thing without telling him. Why?

“So, there are different things we do. It is not just cheating that is bad in a relationship. There are some people that you know, they keep dirty secrets and they don’t tell their husbands.

“So, if you say somebody is your friend. Why are you keeping things?

“Sometimes, when I do something, sometimes, I can’t even face my husband. I send him messages when I know I’ve done something because I don’t want to see the hurt on his face, I just write it down. I send him a text and he replies me that ‘it’s OK, Flory, we can talk about it’.”

She added that;

“But I think most men, when they cheat, they just have sex with the woman. And the women are smart enough. They know what they want. They have sex with them and they…

“When a man is having a relationship with a woman he loves, he’s making love, he’s not having sex.

“So if you’re cheap enough, give yourself to my husband. He’s mine. Whatever is mine will not go away. He will use you and come back to me.

“I tell people, it’s my leftover you’re eating. He’s my leftover. I’ve eaten the better part of him. I get the chunky meat, eat the bone, it’s none of my business. And you’re doing it hush hush hush hush. You’re not enjoying it because you’re stealing. You’re looking, ‘is somebody there? Am I going to be caught?’

“So, he’s my husband, he can’t go anywhere else…”

Watch the video below;

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via: Information Nigeria

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