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I Did Not Make Many Mistakes As Youth – Gloria Young

Sunday 22 March 2020

Veteran actress Gloria Young has made it known she had a splendid youth as she barely made any mistake.

The actress who is married to actor Norbert Young, in an interview with Sunday Sun, spoke on her time in the industry and how she feels now getting older women roles.

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”Yes, and I am totally fine about that. The grandmother here (Strain), you understand… there is always a mother in a story, there is always a grandfather in a story, there is always a need for, I mean, you cannot be young forever, you must grow. And the fact that I have been able to play daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, that’s even more credit to my CV. Yes, you will think that you get fewer roles, but the older you get, the less you should do. And then again, there are so many people who are coming in who are my age, coming in to play grandma now.

“I had a glorious youth. I loved my youth. I loved the fact that I had parents who taught me the fear of God, and so, I didn’t make so many mistakes. Now, I can look back at my youth and smile. Yes, one or two things I could have done differently, but at the same time, I can say ‘I tried’. So, when I look at the young ones coming up, I’m like, ‘if I advise them now, them no go hear word’. And those who do, they come closer, they learn from me. Even on set, they learn from me, and I am happy about that. I have a lot of these young ones who are close to me, because they are learning different things. I am able to come down to their level. I know when they are talking Marlians and those kinds of things; I am able to flow with them.”

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via: Information Nigeria

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