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CoinCola Review: The Best Way To Buy Bitcoin With Naira or Gift Card In Nigeria

Wednesday 22 May 2019

From the inception of Bitcoin, different exchanges have come with different creative teams and ideas like the development of cross-chain architecture and Dual-Ledger Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Consensus (DLBFT) features.

Recurring in every cryptocurrency investor’s mind is the incidence of August 2, 2016, the day it was announced that more than 120,000 BTC worth $72 million then was stolen from Bitfinex Exchange and also the story of Mt. Gox Exchange losing over $473 million to scam can’t be so forgotten any time soon, which cost the Company its existence.

In creating an exchange or OTC market place, there are so many factors that a company that wants to succeed ought to put in place in order to meet the expectations of future users. Any Crypto trader would always want any exchange / OTC Market Place having these features for better trading.

  • Trustworthy Security
  • Low Fees
  • Fast and easy trading
  • An active 24/7 Customer care attention
  • KYC for trust and transparency
  • And spice it up with a wonderful trading app!

Putting all these features into consideration, one can confidently say that CoinCola is the best option for any trader right now in Nigeria.

What is CoinCola?

Coincola a company based in Hong Kong, which provides an OTC market place and a crypto exchange that has been specially designed to accommodate all the aforementioned features which include security, fast and easy trading etc.

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CoinCola OTC Market Place

Are you looking for a crypto market place that allows P2P trading without constant news of cheats and scams? Welcome to CoinCola Crypto OTC trading platform which allows user to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and Ripple (XRP) with your local fiat currency as well as gift cards around the world with the transaction done through a secured escrow.

CoinCola Exchange

CoinCola Exchange has been well created and established for the trading of digital currencies that includes Bitcoin (BTC) and tether (USDT) as the basis with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin (LTC) supporting it.

Why is CoinCola Different?

CoinCola is a product of a dedicated, hardworking and creative team members and advisors. In the early stage of the company, they visualized the idea of providing a trustworthy OTC Market Place and an Exchange that will greatly improve the convenience of users in their day to day trading in ways that the market here in Nigeria has never seen before and they have succeeded in doing this.

Go to Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria page at CoinCola and see which guys are selling bitcoin.

In actualization of this, the team has successfully put in place these measures to ensure for smooth trading experience.

Trusted and reliable Security

Security has become one of the most feared challenges in the Crypto Exchanges. As earlier stated, some major exchanges have been hit by hackers in the past, causing loss of funds reaching into millions of dollars on the part of both the exchange and the investors. In some cases, some of these exchanges could not handle the loses, thereby ends up bankrupt. Haven learned from these experiences, CoinCola has prepared well in terms of securing customers’ funds by implementing and enforcing different forms of security measures which includes

  • cold storage
  • email and phone number authentication
  • SSL

Fast and Easy Trading

Trading in CoinCola comes with an added advantage of the easy, fast and less complicated platform. Any user can easily navigate through the exchange and the OTC market place with as little assistance although the new exchange is already working in partnership with a popular Nigerian based cryptocurrency forum, Jackobian to make all forms of tutorials available for their users. The website is generally designed to give traders a great experience.

Low Fees

Going with statistics gathered from other exchanges, if one attempts to compare Coincola’s fees with that of other exchanges, that of CoinCola is indeed far much better. Hence, in the long run, traders stand to regain a lot of profits that could have gone to fees  In terms of transaction fees, CoinCola charges 0.5% of the value of the transaction. And if it is looking directly from the withdrawal fee, CoinCola charges 0.0005btc for outgoing transactions and nothing for transfers to other users of the platform until a certain limit. That’s not all, for sending of BITCOIN to other users in the platform, CoinCola takes absolutely nothing from you as long as it measures the expected transfer of 0.5btc a month.

Dedicated 24/7 Customer Care

If I am to quote CoinCola rightly, “We value our customers and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service”. And that has not been just about flattering words. CoinCola has dedicated Customer Care, which renders their services in the most polite and efficient way, with quick response to you as per your service requires, by taking into account every customer’s query.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

CoinCola is here to provide you with an easy verification and also maintain the safety of your data used in verification. The essence of CoinCola implementing the KYC process cannot be farfetched.  Most investors have been scammed through exit scam and other various scamming schemes. To avoid this, CoinCola has set up the KYC/KML for the establishment of trust and transparency in the blockchain ecosystem.

CoinCola App

For the accessibility of every platform, the first thing first in every potential user’s mind is an understandable user interface. The CoinCola has been built for the users to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anywhere, anytime from the convenience of a mobile app. The team has provided a means of securing your account, so no need to worry!

The app is available for Android and IOS. For android get it at google play via this link and for IOS users, get it at App Store here

Steps for Quick Registration

The opportunity of trading with a well set up platform cannot be easily overlooked.

Quick tip: For every new registration, the user will be rewarded with N700 plus 0.0001BTC on your first ever first trade in the platform.

Follow this link for registration. Your email address will be required or your phone. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your phone or email for verification.

After the verification, you can login with your password and email address. After login, you can go to your profile to complete your registration by setting your username, binding it with google authenticator etc.

Bonuses for Registration and as a User

With your referral link, you can invite your friends and associates to join the platform. Each invite comes with a commission. Each person you invites gets N700 while you get N1,000. Each referred person’s commission goes straight to your CoinCola account. The reward will be paid with the original coins used. To straight it up, check this out:

You invited Young to CoinCola using your referral link, Young did his first transaction with BTC, your reward will be paid in BTC because that was what Young used in trading.

This referral campaign will last from 25th of March, 2019 to 15th May, 2019.

Cryptocurrencies Available for Trading








Means of Payment in CoinCola


Western Union




Kakao Pay


We Chat

Amazon Gift Cards

Itunes Gift Card




Every existence of digital exchanges must possess these qualities:


Low exchange fees

24/7 Customer Care response

Fast and easy trading platform

Good KYC/KML process

An application with a nice user interface

CoinCola possesses all these qualities which makes them the go platform. This is a platform you can trust your money with, they have come a long way to be scam! This is an opportunity to become the early pioneers and leaders of this great platform.

For further information, you can follow them up in their social network platforms here

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