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Lady Shares Her Emotional Encounter With A Nigerian Soldier In Lagos

Friday 16 November 2018

Apparently filled with gratitude, a Nigerian lady who had a rather emotional encounter with a soldier in Lagos, has shared her story.

The lady identified as Olanireti Adegoke Babalola, shared her story on Instagram and her followers have been left astonished.

According to Olanireti, she was stuck in the Lagos traffic on Marina bridge when she met the soldier who offered to stay by her car while she took her kids to look for a cab. She was gone for as long as 30 minutes and was touched when she returned and found the man still there by her car.

He went on to talk to her about his life in the army.

Below is her story,

“I met @joshua.ishaya.90 today while stuck on Marina bridge during the women marathon and he proved that there are still a few good men in the force. Not only was he concerned about the welfare of my children, he also stayed with my car while I went with the children and their nanny to look for a cab to take them home.

“I walked for almost 30 minutes down apongbon bridge and by the time I was done, cars had started moving. I ran all the way back up because I had a thousand and one “what if” running through my mind. I got to the car and @joshua.ishaya.90 was right beside my car waiting for me to come back while his mates had left with their car.

“He didn’t want anything from me, he said he had to keep his promise. He had been at the fore front of the boko haram war and he showed me his war scars. He was shot, he had another scar on his head from an IED.

“His brother was killed when the terrorists attaced their base. I asked him why they both joined the force and he said they loved it . His dad is also a retired soldier.

“I really appreciate you officer and thank you for your service to Nigeria and to me. God bless you real good.”

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