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Ernesto Valverde Is Happy Ronaldo Has Left LaLiga- Reveals Blueprints For News Season

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

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“I’d like to keep the same team spirit that we had last season. It’s not always easy to do that throughout a whole season, especially in a team like ours that always plays to attack.”

“Opponents generally haven’t stopped us playing in matches and that’s essential if you want to maintain your consistency and end up as champions. I think we have to keep that. We made a huge effort to always stick together, both in attack and defence.”

“We had a horrible day against Roma and we have to be careful in those one-off situations. In competitions like those, the Champions League or the World Cup, it can all come down to a single mistake on a single day. You have to be especially focused.”

“There was a year when Barça won everything and another when the team won five out of six possible trophies, so the club always wants to win the lot. But you can’t always win the lot, it’s very difficult. The best way to do that is by being the best from the first day to the last, but that only guarantees you the league. Because a Champions League or a World Cup can be lost in a bad ten minutes.”

“Ronaldo leading would seem to have ended the competition between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo because people rarely mention one without mentioning the other. A lot of people are interested, me too, to see how it will affect Real Madrid’s football and what they might do in the transfer market, and also knowing that Ronaldo is at another club and what that might mean for La Liga and the Champions League too.”

“The feeling is that Video Assistant Referees and technology are here to help us, especially for justice in the penalty area. But we don’t know what knock-on effects it might have.”

“I wouldn’t want VAR to interrupt the flow of games. The great thing about football is that it’s so fast, there are so few interruptions. The referees certainly need help but this shouldn’t be to the detriment of the speed of the game.”

“I know everyone is hanging on what happens in the area, but in the World Cup Final, France scored from a free kick that wasn’t and that decided the game. So what’s more important? I don’t know, because I am also waiting to see how it all works out.”

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