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Wife Checks Husband’s Phone For The First Time After Six Years Of Marriage…What She Discovered Will Shock You

Friday 2 March 2018

A woman crying (File photo)

A Nigerian woman who has been married to her husband for six years has been left devastated after checking her man’s phone for the first time only to get the shock of her life. 

The woman is now dumbfounded and is looking for advice on how to overcome the situation.

Read the story below as shared by Ben Victor:

“I am down here for some days now, just confused and perhaps in a big shock. I think I will need your advice on this. On Monday this week, I was on a conversation with my mum on phone before I ran out of credit, so my husband decide to give me his phone to continue the call as it was vital. While on the call, I was receiving lots of vibration from his phone, which some were text and WhatsApp messages, so as I dropped the call, I decide to open the WhatsApp msg, Ben I was dumb….

See this message from one Hellen that reads:

‘Here is our baby, the surgery was successful, thank u my love for the money and care, I will love you till the end of this world.’ Oh mehn Ben. And she snapped the baby’s pictures and sent. Immediately he noticed my mood changed, he ran and collected his phone, I didn’t close the message, he was aware I read it, so I asked him the meaning of the message and who the saved name is, he has not opened his mouth to say a word up till today being Thursday, he just dressed, dropped money for the weeks food and drove off to work.

Hmmm six years of marriage, this is the first I opened his phone and I don’t have joy again since then. Now I start thinking otherwise. Could it be he has another child abi baby mama out there. And it was just last Sunday before that Monday I went to a non denominational church, I was invited for the first time and the pastor prophesied to me that he is seeing divorce. My eyes was opened, I was like, what do you mean sir. He said he saw a lady come in with a baby to drag my home,hmmm. I rejected it while he prayed for me, and I told my hubby this revelation oo. Now he aren’t talking to me, perhaps he is running away from the question I asked him that I need an explanation whom the lady is or he is still trying to make up the lies he will tell me.

This is the man I was pleading to please give me some money to stock my shop, I used money out of there last Christmas excess and it affected it badly which he knew but he kept telling me that he is cashless at the moment and all that, meanwhile I saw some transactions transferred to same lady about 260k, the other 130k, while I needed just a 100k.

Nna I am just tired right now, no one else knows about this now except you, because I need an advice and encouragement cos am making it a burden to myself and it’s eating me up each time I remember it. I been wan call u last night to cheer me up, but I couldn’t.

Though I don’t know what to believe yet nor conclude, whether Na his side chic abi ex or just a friend he rendered help to, but he has been mute over it since I confronted him. The ‘love till the end of the world’ in that her message is the most confusing part to me, perhaps u help me and ask your friends. I guess he must have rented a place for her and the baby if my suspicion is right.”

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