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Bode George Laments Fuel, Naira Scarcity; Queries Silence Of Opposition Parties

Friday 10 February 2023

The Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) former deputy national chairman, Bode George has questioned the silence of all opposition political parties as to why they are not lambasting the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for leading the country into turmoil.

His reaction stemed from the hardship being experienced by Nigerians due to the fuel and naira scarcity in the country.

George condemned his party’s leadership as well as its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar for being silent over the fuel and naira scarcity.

The PDP leader wondered why the opposition party had not questioned the ruling party on its policies which has made Nigerians uncomfortable.

Addressing newsmen at his residence, he said, “Without mincing words or trying to raise an alarm, the global golden rule called ‘order’ – a legal and constitutional process of conformity with law or decorum – seems to have taken a flight from Nigeria’s political, economic and social lives.

“Due to this anomaly, which is a deviation from regulation or what is regarded as normal, there seems to be a graveyard silence, while Nigeria is bedevilled on all fronts.

“Something strange or unusual happens in the polity every day, leading to the socio-economic turmoil permeating our entire landscape.

“It is grieving to see Nigeria slowly sliding into a state of perpetual hopelessness.

“In all honesty, I cannot decipher the logic of quietness against the cliff edge which the APC government has plunged the Nigerian state into, where there seem to be no opposing views, calling the ruling government to stop and rethink.

“Our parties, the PDP, and others, such as the Labour Party, SDP, and NNPP, seem to have concurred with the present shenanigan.

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“I wonder, what hate, what evil, what madness will propel anyone of sane mind to plunge Nigeria into the present state of hopelessness, annihilation and abject suffering of the citizenry.

At the same time, I see it as absolute lunacy for anybody to campaign for APC or to contest on the platform of APC, due to the state of formlessness the ruling party has thrown Nigeria into.

“Where is the Presidential candidate of our party, the PDP, Atiku Abubakar? Where is Iyorchia Ayu, the National Chairman? How come the voice of the DG, Campaign Council of the PDP has drowned in perpetual silence against the atrocities of the APC government with the presidential election just a few days away?

“Why have they allowed their voices to be drowned in conspiratorial silence?

“Where are the opposition political parties? What does the graveyard silence portend for Nigerians? It seems to mean that Nigerians’ right to good has been consigned to the dustbin by the political class.

“The centre appears overwhelmed, stunned, halted, stalled, puzzled about grappling with the Nigerian challenges.

“I believe the various state actors can do better.

“Managers of our economy should not take Nigerians for granted by churning out retrogressive economic policies.

“We should rather strive to review our focus and our ultimate horizon. Nigeria must withdraw from the destructive brink.”

“Governments are elected to guarantee the pursuit of happiness, to ensure the protection of personal liberties, to create an atmosphere where all citizens can carry out their economic livelihoods without being subjected to oppression or being savaged by the lawlessness of incendiary actors.”

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via: Information Nigeria

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