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Biafran Zionist Front still fights for the Igbo independence

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

The unity of all regions has always been one of the most important question since Nigeria gained its independence in 1960. But not all the political forces in the country strive for cohabitation and amalgamation. Igbo-populated Eastern Region of Nigeria, for instance, has not forgotten the dreams of Biafra. 

It may seem that since the fall of the Republic of Biafra in 1970, Igbo separatist movement died out, but the reality is that their fight continues and clashes extend beyond Biafra-region, while sectarian tendencies become more violent. The issue is greatly overshadowed by the Western media coverage of Boko Haram atrocities that take place in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Yet neo-Biafran secessionism now presents a growing threat to the federal government.

Moreover, many Biafrans believe that Nigeria’s President Buhari, a Muslim, empowers Islamists to encroach on Igboland. They do not see any way to peace and stability in the united Nigeria, but want to establish their own independent state. One of the sources of inspiration for certain part of this community is the State of Israel. Many Biafran secessionist leaders admire Israel as a successful example of nation-building and see Israel as a close ally.

The Biafran Zionist Front, which declared Biafran independence in Enugu State in July 2018, explicitly ties its struggle to Zionism and claims the support of Israel and the United States. The leader Benjamin Onwuka, who was arrested in 2014 but was released three years later, still fights for the independence of Biafra and is determined to get what he wants.

Onwuka is believed to have recently met with Peter Obi, one of the runner ups in the presidential elections. In the wake of the upcoming elections, Obi, Igbo himself, might look for broader support in his native area, as well as seek international help from the network, developed by Onwuka and other Biafra-separatists. The question is what is Biafran Zionist Front is getting in return.

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via: Information Nigeria

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