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Covid-19 Educational Threat

Sunday 22 January 2023

The onset of Covid-19 resulted in schools shutting down all around the globe. In addition, the pandemic kept students out of classes because of the prevention measures adopted to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, Covid-19 influenced and changed the education processes dramatically. In particular, Covid-19 is an educational threat because the pandemic brings significant disruptions that limit student-teacher interactions, increase inequality, disrupt the schedule, and make it difficult to assess students.


Covid-19 brought confusion and stressful times for students and their teachers, bringing doubt on the current quality of education. Students experience increased anxiety during times of uncertainty. A crisis is difficult to manage, and personal training becomes difficult because of maintaining social distancing and fear of getting sick. Due to the closure of schools, many students had no idea how and when classes would resume, which plunged the educational world into crisis. Teachers and administrators are now ill-prepared to carry out studies and deliver the same quality of education as before the pandemic. And that’s when student help services began to come in handy. Many of them, like wr1ter, offer free writing guides, tips on paper formats, examples of academic papers, as well as proofreading or revision services.

Limited Interaction

The major limitation of emergency remote studying necessitated by Covid-19 is the lack of personal interaction between the students and their teachers. Both students and teachers have been forced and burdened with adapting to a learning environment online. Meaningful in-person interactions between students and their teachers are central to their academic outcomes. Tutors cannot gauge or determine students’ engagement, motivation, and content understanding from a distance. The pandemic has reduced opportunities for vital student-teacher interactions, an essential facet of the learning process.

Learning Inequality

The pandemic has caused increased inequality and learning losses. Students in poor and middle-income areas are likely to miss learning opportunities because schools cannot implement learning recovery programs during the pandemic. Also, schools do not have any kind of education protection budget to prepare for the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, many students have no access to computers and the Internet, and, without the proper technology, some of them will miss out on their education. Therefore, students who have not adapted to online learning programs have been left behind.

Disrupted Schedules

The termination of regular classes has made it challenging for students to remain productive and manage their time. Keeping a consistent schedule is critical for maintaining motivation and discipline. However, learners have been forced to adapt to studying at home and school without knowing when the regular learning timeline would resume. The students’ productivity is significantly reduced because of the pandemic that halts learning processes in an outbreak. 

Lack of Assessments 

The closure of universities, colleges, and schools interrupts learning and prevents or delays the assessment of students through exams. Even though online learning programs can cover a considerable part of the coursework, conducting physical exams and tests is challenging. Therefore, Covid-19 poses an extreme disadvantage for teachers to evaluate students. Furthermore, the lack or delay of vital information on the students’ progress has a high potential for long-term harmful consequences to their education.

In sum, Covid-19 is an educational threat because the pandemic brings disruptions, such as delays, limited interactions, increased levels of inequality, and difficulties in assessing students. Furthermore, the lack of available resources to support learning recovery interventions has created education inequality, especially in poor communities. In addition, many learning institutions have been closed because of the pandemic. Thus, Covid-19 is an impactful educational threat, and the effects might take years to rectify.

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