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Reactions As Tweep Asks Elon Musk To Buy Nigeria

Thursday 28 April 2022

Elon Musk beats Jeff Bezos to become world's richest person

The Twitter space was set on fire last night when a user of the micro-blogging platform asked the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, to buy Nigeria.

The Tesla founder had two days ago sealed a deal worth about $44bn to buy the Twitter platform from the founder, Jack Dorsey.

A day after, Musk twitted, “Next I am buying Coca-Cola…”

The tweet attracted over 128,000 retweets, 43,000 quote tweets, 673,000 likes and thousands of replies in less than one hour with.

But one of the classic replies was from a Nigerian user, Aji bussu with the handle @AfamDeluxo who asked Musk to buy Nigeria.

“Please, kindly buy Nigeria and give us 24 hrs electricity. Nwoke oma bikonu.”

The reply consequently set the Twitter on fire with many users supporting bussu’s call.

“Elon, would you please buy Nigeria,” said another user with the name, Sue_The_Bastard, adding, “It’s in  a good location with small mental problem.”

Another user with the handle, @TehilaBebia said, “Don’t buy Coca-Cola.  Buy Nigeria, we will allow it.”

But Ogechukwu Chime with the handle @OgechukwuChime expressed contrary view, saying, “Nigerians are wicked how do you advise a business to buy Nigeria, Nigeria is a bad product. If you are @elonmusk will you buy bad entity called Nigeria.”

“I wish Elon Musk can just come and buy Nigeria too,” said another user, @_Ewawunmi

But @Akebra7 faulted the call, saying, “Nigeria is the people. If you’re a Nigerian focus on improving things around your family first and if every family in Nigeria is successful, the country is successful. I love my country and I’ll fight for it. That should be the mindset of a Nigerian.”

“Nigeria is going to be great again l assure you thus says the Lord of Host,” a user, Neyo Mosquilano with the handle @murebaba wrote.

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via: Information Nigeria

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