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Safely transporting your belongings during a long-distance move!!!

Thursday, 25 November 2021

In addition to concerns like adjusting to a new environment, one of the biggest worries is to keep your home belongings protected during the entire long-distance relocation process. Damage to the items is common during the home relocation process but thankfully certain ways help you to transport all your items with complete safety. To do this, some careful planning is required. If you are also relocating at a long distance and worried about the safety of your items then these tips will help you to transport your belongings safely. 

Man carrying heavy moving boxes


Monitor your movers 

To safeguard yourself from the frauds and scammers present out there, it is important to research cross-country moving companies so that you can find the best one for you out of the heap. While luckily most of the movers present out there are legitimate but not all are genuine. Save yourself from moving scams with the help of these tips:

  • Get everything in writing from them
  • Don’t deposit a large amount upfront
  • Get information about the movers as much as you can. Today in the digital era, getting information about movers is not a tough job because you can get a lot of information sitting with your comfort via the internet.
  • Make sure your movers are properly licensed and insured
  • Movers should provide you with a booklet of your rights and responsibilities at the start of the relocation process
  • Don’t fall for suspiciously low-moving estimates which do not even seem feasible.


Take enough time while packing 

Packing items properly ahead of time ensures that the items will remain safe during relocation. Though before you start packing, take an inventory of all your belongings. When making an inventory, you can strategize with ease that how you should pack different types of items. Also, decide what you will take along with you and what you will leave behind. Nothing could be a more foolish decision if you are considering packing all the belongings you possess. Over the years, you will accumulate a lot of unwanted items in your home, this is the right time to purge out all these items. This will also give you more time to pack the leftover items.


Use the right kind of boxes 

Make sure you buy the quality packing material to properly pack your belongings. You should buy suitable boxes to pack items. If you are not taking services for packing and you are packing the items by yourself then you should think about which boxes you should get. If you are thinking that the big is the better then you are wrong. If you pack a lot of fragile items in a single large box then it could end up breaking the items when the heavier objects are packed on the top. Packing smaller items into small boxes with enough padding is just the right way to pack belongings.

You should buy different sizes of moving boxes and should pack items as per the item size. If you have original boxes present of the electronic items like microwave, washing machine, TV then uses the original boxes to ensure the proper fit. If items do not get any space to move inside the box during transportation then it eliminates the risk of the damage of items.

For very fragile items such as china sets, you should buy sturdy boxes. Also, make sure you provide enough padding to all the fragile items so they don’t collide with each other and don’t leave any scratches on items.


Keep valuable items along with you 

You should not pack your jewelry and important documents in cardboard boxes along with other home stuff. You should take these items along with you no matter what traveling mode you choose.


Consider getting insurance 

You should get insurance for the expensive items. Having insurance for valuable pieces of art and heirlooms is a good idea. This will keep your items protected from any kind of loss and harm during transportation.


Don’t post anything regarding your move 

You should not publicize what, when, and where you are moving. When you post anything on social media, you don’t know who sees the post even when you have a private account that is limited to friends only still you should not post anything regarding your relocation. Wait until you have a successful move and then show off your new place by throwing a housewarming party for your friends.


Take the advantage of GPS tracking system 

These days, most reputable movers are offering inexpensive GPS services to their clients so that you can track where your home belongings have reached and can have peace of mind as the items are safe.


Bottom line!!! 

Now you will have peace of mind because by using all the above tips, you can ensure the safety of your belongings during the transition of items at a long distance.

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