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How music in TV and film can influence how you think

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Music has a significant impact on many aspects of your life, whether it is a personal event in your life or even the backing track to one of your favorite films or tv shows. Music has the power to excite and inspire people depending on the passing and the composition.

Think about your favorite film

Just look at what certain bits of music make you think of when you hear segments of films and tv. By design, they are expected to make you feel certain emotions, whether it is joy or despair, elation or anger. The musical score is a subliminal undercurrent to a film designed to make you feel roughly what the directors want you to at any time. For example, take the trumpets at the very beginning of the Star Wars introduction. Immediately you know something important is happening by the way it gradually builds to a crescendo. It ensures you keep your eyes firmly on the screen, reading the intro as it scrolls down the screen. This is how music works. It grabs your attention and makes sure you are hanging on every single note so that you don’t dare look away in case something important happens.

Music can influence behavior

Casinos can do something similar with music as they use ambient music to subconsciously influence players. Fast-paced techno or drum and bass music is more likely to encourage players to bet more and quicker, with the adrenaline pumping in an attempt to make the whole place more exciting. Lounge music allows for a more relaxed atmosphere, so people take their time and tend to chill out that little bit more. This is not different online, where people will see similar music and lights and get drawn in.  When playing on the best payout online casino, you will notice the music change as you get closer to a jackpot win. This is to maximize the excitement should you secure, and the music will stop just before to create suspense, before starting the loop again.

It can generate empathy

It is the same thing in tv shows as directors tend to use quiet piano music to illustrate a particularly poignant moment in a shoe. Look no further than the end song on the old Incredible Hulk tv series. ‘Man, walking has slow piano music to illustrate how upsetting it is that the Hulk had to leave town so frequently after disasters occurred, and it can be used to generate empathy for the character. Just seeing how people are able to connect with characters they will never meet shows how powerful music can be in your favorite shows, and more often than not, it happens without the audience realizing it.

So, there you have it. Music can be a powerful tool depending on how It is used, and it is unsurprising to see so many people get drawn in by it. So next time you sit there watching one of your favorite shows, take some time to listen to the soundtrack and think about what the writer is trying to say. The answer might surprise you.

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