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Is Cisco 200-301 CCNA Exam Worth Your Time and Efforts? Know How to Pass It with Certbolt Practice Tests

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Let’s behonest:having a professional certificate is a crucial career enrichment step, earning one is no less than an uphill struggle. Certifications are designed to imbue the time-critical and functional skills that are imperative to ditch early career hurdles, mid-career crises, and improvement impediments. So, going for Cisco CCNA can be a wise step. Let’s learn more about it below.

About the CCNA Certification and Its 200-301 Exam

CCNA stands forCisco Certified Networking Associate certification. Through all these years, it has gained great significance and has emerged as a token of great subject matter excellence. However, one might have doubts about its viability and be forced to think about whether or not to invest time and effort in the process of earning this certificate. Still, CCNA  Certbolt is definitely worth every minute spent on it.

First things first, there is only one challenge, 200-301 CCNA exam that candidates need to overcome to get accredited. It is 120-minute long, costs $300, and features around MCQ-based questions.These questions covera wide range of domains such as networking fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, the fundamentals of security, and so on.

It is suggested to allocate a minimum of 3 months of hard work to have a hold over all the exam topics. Gauging related books and attending the linked training course is essential. Also, make sure to check yourself at the end of the learning process with the help of practice tests. These sets of real exam questions and answers will help you a lot in prior self-assessment and improving confidence in your knowledge.

Benefits of Taking up CCNA

Clearly, the CCNA certification journey is exhaustive and asks for the life and blood of the aspirants.Still, we will suggest you go for it. Not because it is in trend, but because it reaps benefits that stand second to none. Have doubts?Pay attention to the below-mentioned facts:

  • CCNA is famed to impart a best-of-breed understanding of Cisco’s networking products such as routers and switches.With such excellence in these products, any professional can earn a distinct place in the industry and come into the eyes of recruiters immediately.
  • Since CCNA is an associate-level certification, it clears the path to further advanced certificates like CCNP and CCIE. There is no second opinion on the fact that to thrive in the IT industry, it is important to have a hold over the latest skills. And Cisco offers multiple choices in this regard. So, take up CCNA if you aim at continual career growth.
  • There is a huge difference between the salary package of a Cisco certified and non-certified Network Administrator.We did thorough market research and by using the ZipRecruiter statistics, it was figured out that a non-certified Network Administrator can make $69k per annum,on an average basis, while a Cisco accredited professional can earn $76kannually in the same profile. The difference is remarkable.At the end of the day, we all want to have a handsome salary and CCNA ExamSnap is here to make sure you do.


If you have decided to earn the Cisco CCNA certificate, remember to use practice tests when preparing for its 200-301 CCNA exam. They will boost your understanding of the topics and will help to gain the needed hands-on experience. Also, you may agree that all the above benefits are lucrative and hard to ignore. So, if one certificate can sow all of them then why should not you give it a try?

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