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Top reasons to pursue Leading SAFe Certification

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Most of the companies are adopting Agile-Scrum methodology. It has been the first priority for most of the companies but the SAFe framework of Agile methodology has proved to be more promising and is the best among the emerging methodologies available in the industry. This is the reason why many companies are slowly transitioning into SAFe. Scrum is limited to complex projects and a single team but SAFe helps to work with large and complex teams over a bigger scale. Therefore the career scope of SAFe trained employees is increasing. It is going to be adopted by more and more companies in the near future. To have a better understanding and thorough knowledge of SAFe, one must go for SAFe training or Agile SAFe certification. Here, we list down the top reasons why you must pursue Leading SAFe training. 

  1. Globally recognized certification: Leading SAFe certification has a worldwide recognized accreditation and is something that is treated as a niche skill in all IT organizations in all the countries. This gives you the flexibility to work in your dream company from your preferred location. This certification is in demand right now. With more and more companies adopting SAFe, the demand for certified employees is increasing. Its proven effectiveness for comprehensive solution development has made it a preferred choice among IT companies. 
  2.  Additional flexibility compared to previous versions: The conventional SAFe allows to work with various development environments which give its users a wide range of flexibility. The extended version of SAFe, which is the Leading SAFe 4.5, provides four configurations: Essential SAFe, Solution SAFe, Full SAFe, and Portfolio SAFe. These provide flexibility to Lean Enterprises in hypothesis-driven development. Since the challenges keep growing with the growth of an organization, it is important to upgrade to the Leading SAFe certification to retain the performance and help you to achieve all the Lean and Agile enterprise benefits.  
  3.  Long-term career benefits: Leading SAFe certification can help you get a new job with a good salary or you can get recognition in your current company. It is considered as a badge of honor and can help you in getting promotions too. Some clients demand the employees be certified. In such cases, certified employees are considered assets for their companies. Organizations look for SAFe certified individuals because they can easily adapt to the Agile transformation.   
  4. Features of Leading SAFe framework: Leading SAFe is backward compatible. If the organizations that were using the previous version of SAFe wish to upgrade to SAFe 4.5, SAFe 4.5 allows upgrading these previous processes to the latest version. This transition is very easy and smooth and does not affect the ongoing processes and performances. Leading SAFe certification provides the knowledge and skills to integrate the Lean UX and Lean Startup practices. This creates an ideal environment to make decisions promptly. The collected feedback is used to improve the performance.   
  5. Learning experience: The certification program includes real-time workshops conducted by industry experts. The in-class activities and simulation sessions enhance your knowledge. You get to access the latest Scrum resources which include tutorials, case studies, etc., you can access a community with active users who help each other by sharing knowledge and you can post your queries on these platforms. They have people with good experience in the industry. They can guide you in finding your desired job.  

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