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Tips to Become a Travel and Lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Travel vloggers explore the world so that we can experience the lifestyle through their perspective at the comfort of our home.

We’ve all grown up watching travel and lifestyle shows and most of us are fascinated and inspired by YouTube travel vloggers who capture the most scenic beauties along with the unique culture.

What exactly goes into creating beautiful travel and lifestyle vlogs? How to edit your vlogs using a quality video editor?

Tips to Become a Travel and Lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube

Here are few tips to become a travel and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube-

Start small

 When it comes to creating videos we think of huge expensive cameras and lenses. This becomes one of the major reasons that people don’t start travel vlogging. Whereas in reality there are a lot of famous travel YouTubers who started shooting travel videos on their smartphones. Smartphones nowadays shoot video at FullHD resolution and it is more than enough to get you started. It is not about the equipment at all, you need to be able to handle your smartphone well and learn few basics of camera movements. To get stable footages turn on image stabilization on your phone’s camera settings.

Tell a story

To keep your viewers hooked you need to make sure that they do not get bored. Your travel and lifestyle vlog must have a beginning and an end. You cannot randomly stitch together your travel videos and expect your audience to make sense out of them.

When you tell a story by providing insights and knowledge about the place you’re traveling in while also highlighting the local lifestyle you bring value to your video. You get to build up your story from point A to B and how you want to tell a story depends entirely on your taste and creativity. Here’s a brilliant example of storytelling via a vlog by the Nigerian singer and YouTuber Samuel Singh

Be you

Often when one starts to travel vlog on YouTube, they try to imitate other successful YouTubers and this makes the video unwatchable. To grab your audience as a Travel and Lifestyle YouTube vlogger you must be as authentic and original as possible. People will see the genuine you and start appreciating your work. They will watch all the videos if you communicate directly to them as they will relate more to someone natural.  Always remember to have a camera presence with being more confident, alert, loud, and clear in the way you communicate to the audience.

Add B-rolls

Adding B-rolls to travel and lifestyle vlogs is a must! Let’s say you are traveling to Lagos, Nigeria you can highlight the locals while speaking about the culture or you can showcase the cityscape, food using montage along with some music. B-rolls are intercut footage from the main shot, the shots in B-roll usually complement the overall storytelling experience of a travel vlog.

Learn to edit videos

Video editing is crucial when it comes to creating travel and lifestyle vlogs. If you were to cover Lagos, Nigeria in a day you would at least shoot over 1 hour of footage but does this mean you would put up everything that you shot the entire day? No! You need to edit your videos using a quality video editor. Keep in mind to select the best shots from your raw footage. You can play around using transitions and effects that come equipped with a good video editor. Transitions make the cuts in your travel videos appear smoother.

Increase social media presence

To grow as a travel and lifestyle vlogger you need to share your YouTube travel video across all the social media platforms that you’re active on. You can create snippets using a video editor with a link to your youtube videos. You can use your social media travel video snippets to build hype and generate audiences that would regularly engage with your content.

If you’re passionate about travel and lifestyle vlogging then know why you’re starting it. You must love traveling to be successful as a YouTube travel vlogger. Go grab those travel videos and start creating your travel vlog now.

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via: Information Nigeria

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