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Tuesday, 23 March 2021


You must have heard this word when acquaintances and friends greet you after a successful ordeal in a way that sends your self-esteem skyrocketing. But who is a true “boss”? Is it just about money or more?

Yes, money makes the world go round. It keeps you living the life you want. Think about it; it keeps your lights on, keeps your children in school, the goods in your shop safe and so much more. It may not be the centre of genuine happiness but it can put you on a path of contentment that leads you there. This means that you have a means that helps you create wealth and helps you stay in control of your bills to maintain the balance.

This is why we have the Leadway Smart Cash Plan (LSCP). The Leadway Smart Cash Plan allows you to save money ahead for recurring goals that keep your life moving smoothly. So whether it is your house rent so you can always have somewhere to rest your head, your shop rent so you can keep making a profit or your children’s school fees so you never fail in your duty of equipping your children for success, you can rest assured that the Leadway Smart Cash Plan will help you keep up and keep maintain balance in your life. The best part of LSCP is its added life insurance cover. Like a bulletproof vest, it ensures that no matter what life shoots at you while you plan for your goals, you come out standing tall without a scratch, ready to keep moving again.

You can visit to find out more about this product. If you’d like to speak with a professional to guide you, feel free to call 012800700.

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via: Information Nigeria

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