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Secure Your Home And Household Appliances With As Little As N10, 000

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Most of us spend most of our active hours outside our homes. We are either in traffic or at the office and by the time we get home, you are too tired to do much, we end up going to bed and then repeat the process again. 

Now fast forward to March, when the lockdown was announced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything changed, from where we worked from, to how we eat and also, the activities we engage with to keep us busy. As a result, we find ourselves using some of the regularly forgotten home appliances more often to the point they have become lifesavers during this pandemic.

Remember when your home workstation was more of a decoration because you hardly ever used it or when your fridge was always empty because you preferred eating out or days when you didn’t bother putting on your generator because there was light by the time you got home? Well, those days are long gone because you can’t really function now without any of these lifesavers. 

On the other end, we have seen a decline in economic activities which has led to a reduction in income with an increase in security threats in various neighborhoods and with a weather forecast of (240days) of rainfall. All these incidents now pose a serious challenge to our lifesavers and finances. Now is the worst time anyone should lose their homes or even appliances to unfortunate events like storm, flood or theft etc.

Leadway Insurance

This is why with the Leadway Householder Insurance plan, you can now protect your home and household appliances with as little as N10,000. The Householder plan will cover your building and household contents against flood, fire, theft or break-in, storm, riot, accidental damage, and other special perils and it comes with a benefit cover of up to N5,000,000 to ensure you have peace of mind and quickly replace your losses.  

Things might return back to business as usual for a while, so we need these lifesavers to continue to play their very important roles in ensuring our comfort for the long run. 

Wait no further, act now by visiting to get started. You can also call 08088578050 or send an email to to get a quote or make inquiries. 

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via: Information Nigeria

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