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OAP Sensei Uche Promises To Share His Experiences About Being Owed By Employers

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Uche Sensei
Uche Sensei

Nigerian media personality Uche Sensei has reacted to the viral story of Glory Osei and Folorunsho who owed their staff and would hire and fire as they please.

Taking to Twitter, Uche stated that if people knew the mental abuse that comes with being labeled jobless, they’d not judge people who stay working despite being owed.

In his words;

You wonder why people would stay working when they’re being owed months wages? Then you need to understand the fear of being labelled jobless by society. And the mental abuse you get even while you’re owed. I will share my experiences.

So much needs to be said about this, and I believe the time has come.
I remember my friend telling me how she couldn’t fathom working and being owed months of salary.
She kept asking questions;
How are you feeding?
How do you pay for your transportation?
How about when you fall sick?
How can you keep a smile on your face when you’re so sad and unhappy?
You’re working and not being paid.
You’re in so much debt, why are you still going to work?
How will you pay rent?
The fear of being labelled ‘Jobless’ by society kept me in a place of utter depression for years.
Only thing that kept me going was the Love I had for what I do. But the toll it had on my mind was almost fatal.
We have allowed the unthinkable to become the NORM in our society, and CHAOS has become the order of the day.
When you tell people you’re being owed salaries, they will say ‘thank god say you still get job’. How does this even make sense?
Why do you think we hear more people committing suicide? It’s because they’re at their wits end with the nonsensical system we have allowed.

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via: Information Nigeria

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