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Drunk Tricyclist Ends Life Of Two Female Undergraduates

Friday, 25 October 2019


A man has taken to Twitter to share the story of his sister who was killed by a drunk driver.

According to the man, his sister who died alongside others was hit by a drunk driver, then rejected by a hospital because they do not have a “police report”.

The young man who shared the story said his sister was a student at the University of Jos, and was in a tricycle with a fellow student, on their way to church, when a drunk driver “left his lane, climbed the road barricade” and rammed into their tricycle.

Read his post below:

The news is telling it differently, but from Sunday to today, I’ve gotten enough info on how it happened:

My younger sister: Jemima, was involved in a road accident on her way to church, on Sunday morning.

She was in her sophomore year at the University of Jos, Nigeria: studying Statistics.

Her friend: Jennifer, who she commuted with, was in her final year. She was working on her project.

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What was supposed to be a harmless journey in a tricycle, turned out to be a tragedy when some drunk guy driving a BMW, left his lane, climbed the road barricade, hit the ‘keke’ my sister and her friend travelled in, and somersaulted three times.

The drunk driver whose birthday was on Sunday confessed to be drunk after celebrating overnight.

He survived the accident.

The keke driver died on the spot.

Sissy and her friend were still alive, and hence, rushed to the nearby hospital: 347 c, 303 Rayfield Road, Naf Station on Bauchi-Jos Expressway.

This hospital rejected both of them. Stupid mofos wanted a Police Report, before taking them in.

From there, they were rushed to another hospital, but before any medical help could be given, Jemima and Jennifer had died.

Worse still, the police are currently attempting to grant the murderer of three people, bail.

My sister, her friend and the tricycle driver, were casualties of the reckless driving of a stoned driver.

Jemima and Jennifer died as a result of a failed medical system and idiotic medical law passed only by a failed country. Nigeria.

And their murderer may go Scott-free because of corruption within the police force.

All I want is justice. I owe my sister that much.

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via: Information Nigeria

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