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Court orders the arrest of Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon

Friday 17 May 2019

The arrest of a Kannywood actress Hadiz Gabon has been ordered by a Chief Magistrate Court after their Thursday sitting.

The order for the arrest was made after the actress failed to appear before the court following allegations against her by Mustapha Badamasi Naburaska.

The court also ordered that an investigation be carried out on the assault allegation against the actress.

The court held that

“Since the invitee is not willing to respect the order of this court, I hereby order the C.O.P [Commissioner of Police] to cause the arrest of the invitee”, he said.

“I further order the C.O.P to investigate the allegation of the complainant and if there is an iota of truth, to charge the suspect before any court of law for prosecution.”

Recall a fellow Kannywood actress, Amina Abdullahi, also had an issue with Jadiza claiming the actress hacked her social media accounts and edited some messages in her inbox.

“What happened was that I posted something on one of my social media handles and I didn’t know that the post angered Hadiza Gabon, whom I regard as a role model. In the beginning, it was a picture that was not decent. So, a lot of people were complaining and in the end I included another DM (direct message) and some wordings. However, I didn’t know that she was not happy with the post since I didn’t mention anyone’s name in it.”

She said the video of the assault went viral after it was uploaded on social media.

“That day, I was at home and Habu Sarki, who happens to be one of the people I respect so much in the industry, called me and said he wanted us to have a very important discussion. He said he was out of town and would call me when he arrived. When he came back, he called as we earlier discussed and I came out to meet him. As I stepped out of the house, I noticed a black salon car and then I saw Hadiza Gabon coming out of the car.
“I didn’t know she came along with some others in a tricycle and immediately she got close to me, she started beating me. Habu Sarki then said we should get into the house but I was confused because I didn’t know what was actually happening. I opened the door to my house and we all entered and yet she didn’t stop beating me. From the video, you will notice that it all happened in an apartment. The videos are two; in fact, she beat the hell out of me and seized my phone.”

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via: Information Nigeria

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