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What is Noom Diet and How can the Noom app Help You?

Tuesday 23 April 2019

What is Noom Diet?

A lot of people ask what is noom diet but noom is not a diet plan, Noom is a wellness program that helps you shed weight by better habits at a healthy pace.

There are lots of methods and products advertised daily for weight loss. It’s almost like the more people want to drop some weight, the more the methods and products that are invented. However for your health’s sake, it will better to adopt a method that may take a longer time but it has been proven to be safe.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find that not many people know what Noom diet is or some might just have a passing knowledge of it.

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Let’s get started by explaining what we mean by “Noom”

Noom is a wellness program that helps you shed weight by better habits at a healthy pace. The interesting thing with this type of diet plan is that unlike so many weight loss plans that focus on just losing weight, without putting into consideration the emotional or mental aspect — Noom does both.

Many weight loss plans out there, tend to focus on helping you lose weight fast and drastically too without ensuring that the emotional part of eating — which is the most important thing to many people is ignored.

The Noom app is basically one that is focused on eating plans designed by registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs).

Users are allowed to  log meals, access workout plans and track exercise, read articles, search recipes, set goals, receive support from a personal health coach.

Unlike many weight loss plans that ban a certain type of food class(es) or focus on a certain type of food class(es), Noom encourages you to eat more nutrient-dense foods (labeled green), such as fresh produce, and minimizing the portions and/or frequency of yellow-tagged (proteins, starches) and red-tagged foods (the latter being pizza, candy, alcohol and so on.)

So what Noom does is that, it gives you a weight loss approach, that you can easily stick with for a long time, instead of some approaches that are fast but become hard to keep up with — on the long run.

With Noom you stick with it, and it becomes more than a weight loss approach but lifestyle.

Noom is good but not Cheap

Trying to shed some weight can be a very expensive venture, no matter the approach and it is the same thing with the Noom diet.

Although the app can be downloaded for free on both on iPhone and Android  — membership can gulp as much as  $50 per month, and even more depending on the courses you’re interested in.

What you can access for free are healthy weight program,  like logging your meals, counting your steps, and tracking your weight loss.

Courses like a diabetes prevention program, and hypertension prevention program are paid for, and not free on the app.

So for Noom diet, you’re as much as good as your favorite celebrity, who has his or her own personal nutritionist or dietician.

Some of you must have envied celebrities or wealthy people that have their own personal coach or nutritionist, and have always see it as sometimes you can have access to when you’re rich or famous.

However with Noom, just like those famous people you have your own unlimited access to rich or famous people. It means you have an unrestricted access to a coach that will guide you through the process and give you their personal feedback on your food selections.

So you know there is someone on your case, constantly ensuring that you don’t go back to your old ways of eating just anything – But eating what’s good for you and getting their personal feedback on your eating plan.

The final decision on what to eat and how to exercise rests with the user of the app — As the app, only provides support for the user.

What this means is that, the app is only as efficient as the user wants it to be. The fact that it has been proven again and again that it has worked for many people in their weight loss journey, doesn’t ultimately translate to it working for you, if you don’t put in the needed commitment.

Invariably, the amount of weight you lose, depends on how motivated you are, and how much you engage with the app, to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

The app is just a tool, and yours is to make the best out of it.

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