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The real reasons why the elites detest Buhari

Saturday 27 April 2019

The real reasons why the elites detest Buhari

A close member of President Muhammadu Buhari’s circle, Tony Momoh has revealed why the president can’t be loved by the elites in the country.

According to Momoh, a former Minister of Information and Culture, members of the Nigerian elite have no love for Buhari, and they did a lot just to ensure he failed during the 2019 presidential election.

Momoh, speaking in an interview with The Guardian, said when it comes to making decisions, even Buhari’s immediate family are not spared. He noted that Buhari has adopted the ‘take-no-prisoners-approach’ — Saying a team that continuously hurts rich Nigerians.

The former Daily Times Editor described Buhari’s ‘Next Level’ in his second term as connoting no sacred cows on his watch.

His words: “You know that things are really very tough and rough. And someone said that when the going gets tough, only the tough get going. Everybody will have to be tough to get. Buhari is not going to relax his hold on getting tough. He is not going to give National Honours to those who want to ruin this country. Anybody who owns this country a dime will repay it. Are you not aware that the first battle has been won?”

The first battle “is those who have nine lives laid down their lives to destroy this man and discovered that you could count up to nine but not beyond nine. How can military men who don’t belong in the same party as you tell you not to contest the election? Is that democracy? The answer is no. And many of your colleagues (journalists) were supporting them. You are members of another party; here is someone who wants to contest election in a particular party and you said he shouldn’t contest because you want oil blocs with no commitment. You want national assets to be given to you. Who do you think you are?

“This man takes a decision even if it affects his family. Is that a hat you are against? Things are going to be tougher my friend. That is the next level in the area of fighting corruption, rebuilding the economy and curbing insecurity. Are you aware that some top people are responsible for what is happening in Zamfara State? Do these herdsmen who kill people here and there has money to buy AK47 rifles? It’s the owner’s cattle that buy those weapons. So, this man is going to tackle anybody who thinks he has more right to exercise than the average Nigerian. Nigeria belongs to all of us. No sacred cows. That is the next level.”

Momoh reiterated that his support for Buhari was hinged on the fact that he was “laying the foundation for a Nigeria that must make a statement to the world in the next few years.”

“Since the 60s, he has lived virtually everywhere in Nigeria in the course of his national assignments. He has performed in all his roles and he has never been found wanting in any role he performed. He has been very disciplined. This is the type of people who will grow the world in the next few years and the foundation is being laid and there is nothing anybody can do about it.”

As for those who don’t understand why he supports Buhari, he says “My eyes are open materially, intellectually and spiritually to know what is happening in God’s Creation; and I don’t take any step blindly. So, those who think that I am following anybody blindly or ever followed anybody blindly should really think twice and look at the steps I have taken. I have no human hero.”

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