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Vote candidates that believe you deserve to be served with dignity not enslavery – Pastor Adeyemi to Nigerians

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, founder of Daystar Church has advised candidates in the 2019 presidential elections to note that Nigerians no matter, who they are or where they come from, are equal and deserve ‘ a basic level of comfort and dignity.’

The pastor in a few tweets on Wednesday, said equality is the only environment, where democracy truly thrives – That a candidate, who doesn’t believe in the equality of men, can’t facilitate the development under democracy.

He wrote;

Dear candidate for the 2019 elections in Nigeria. Do you believe that all men are created equal and deserve a basic level of comfort and dignity? That is the belief where democracy really works. If you don’t, you can’t facilitate development in a democracy.

Pastor Adeyemi pointed out also that it would be hard to find a country from the third world, that has moved to the first world by practising the American style democracy.

How many countries have moved from the so called 3rd World to the so called 1st World in the last 100 years through American-style democracy? Hard to find. Few that developed had another brand of democracy. Elite in developing nations will not accept equality of all.

On the part of the citizens, Adeyemi urged them to be thorough in their choice of who will lead them, for another four years. He asked Nigerians to check through their track records and pick the ones that believe that Nigerians deserve dignity and excellence and not slavery.

Dear citizen, you have to sift thoroughly to find candidates that believe you deserve to be served with dignity and excellence, not enslaved or colonized. Please sift well. Check their track records. Your future and that of generations after you is at stake.

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