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Upcoming EPL Matches

Friday, 26 October 2018

The English Premier League season has already gained momentum and a large part of the distance is already behind us. There are competitions between the best teams almost in every round, which attracts an attention of millions of fans from all over the world.

In late October, one of the most important matches will be the confrontation between Tottenham and Manchester City. Both teams have gained a lot of points and feel quite comfortable in the league table. However, if the citizens fight for gold, the main challenge of the spurs is to show great results in the Champions League. As the closeness in the league table is quite high, the leaders struggle may change the current balance of power significantly.

You can see the latest sport stats on this website. The information here is regularly updated, so you always can learn about the latest news and miss nothing important. The EPL fixtures are a diversity of matches that involve top-rated stars.

The competition between Manchester City and Tottenham promises to impress us with a lot of goals and an attacking manner of playing both teams profess.

Rivals Chances

The match will take place at the Wembley, so the home-field factor may play into the spurs hands. However, as the latest matches have shown, it doesnt always help. The match starts on Monday primarily because both teams are involved in the Champions League and need more time for rest.

City is a favorite at this match for three reasons:

  1. Great squad and players shape. At the previous matches, Guardiolas team didnt literally notice its rivals and not just won but did it confidently. The wingers – Sterling and Sane – regularly terrorized the rivals defense and caused troubles to them.
  2. Statistics of personal competitions. Despite the fact that Tottenham is a toughie and quite an inconvenient competitor for any team, the citizens have recently left the spurs behind for several times.
  3. Longer bench. The fact that the team has made no transfers in the summer may play Old Harry with Tottenham. As a result, there is just no one to strengthen the line of the team during the match.

This competition may be crucial for both teams that must do their best to achieve great results. You can always learn about the latest news about the teams on this website.

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