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Nigerians should be earning at least N50,000 minimum wage – Presidential candidate Eunice Atuejide

Monday, 17 September 2018

Nigerian businesswoman, lawyer, and Presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Eunice Atuejide, has mentioned that the minimum wage Nigerians should earn is supposed to be N50,000 as against the N18,000 that is being paid.

Eunice Atuejide made this known in an interview with The Pulse.

She said it was unfair on Nigerians to be getting paid the N18,000 minimum wage that was set years ago, despite the the changing economic realities in the country.

She further said minimum wage should be regularly reviewed by the government to keep up with economic realities and help the citizens.

She said:

“You have to revise the minimum-wage. I do believe we can pay more than the N18,000 set as the minimum wage especially because of the way things are so expensive in Nigeria. Inflation has made everything much more expensive than when this N18,000 was set.

“In fact, there’s supposed to be, every year, a review of the wage and then make it according to what is happening in the country in a particular year. You don’t set minimum wage in 1900 and then be applying it in 2050.

“No, no. You have to keep going, checking what’s happening in the society, what things are costing, and using that to decide what the minimum wage should be.

“I do believe that people should earn, at the current state of things in Nigeria, at least N50,000 every month should be the minimum wage for the way things are in Nigeria and I do believe that the country can afford it.

“We need to remove a lot of the redundant people in all our public offices. We can save a lot of money by reducing what it costs us to run government in Nigeria and then use that to do more things that benefit the entire country.”

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