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MTN Saga: Nigerians Fight in Fight Over Right or Wrong

Monday, 10 September 2018

While Executives of MTN Nigeria are busy defending the allegations of wrong doing by the CBN and the office of the AGF, the everyday Nigerian, barely understanding the issues in contest has focused on discussing myriad issues ranging from charges on dropped calls to network quality, general poverty, lack of trust in Government institutions and of course the failing of the Buhari government.

Over the weekend, anonymized cartoons surfaced on the internet borrowing from the concept of the Nike Colin Kaepernick just do it campaign and popular newspaper cartoons. the visuals aimed to provide a common man understanding of the issues between Nigeria’s largest telco MTN and the CBN on one hand and the AGF on the other hand

The cartoon which on one particular blog with over 1m followers on IG, at least – commentators, lashed out at each other, taking sides and arguing points for and against.

One comment wrote.

  dogomoniSo sad ..the Buhari govt is really bent on killing MTN for no reason

Another wrote:

Yet another wrote…

But others were quick to take a jab at MTN especially those not very pleased with the company’s services

@endsbeautystore: Dear our call rates n high as compared to South Africa or other Western Africa’s so they have to pay….

@lancky_c: Quiet sad… can they eat all the money…

@bobo_fashion24: MTN, FG, CBN all of them are mad 😏

On kraks TV, a virally popular social media platform with over 1.6million followers, over 100 commentators argued back and forth including Christancus Francis, @sanctus_media whos profile describes him as a motivational speaker and storyteller and Mazi Olisa, who’s profile describes him as a Social Media Trail Blazer and many more.

@sanctus_media: Let’s keep sentiments aside and see this issue for what it is. All those shouting, “they should pay their taxes or leave” are sentimental with their judgement. Do you know how many Nigerians that will be rendered jobless if this eventually happens? Think! 2. MTN cannot repatriate such a huge amount of money without collaboration with one political con artist or the other. Unarguably, that’s a huge amount, but that is not the only money causing our troubles and economic quagmire. Even these so called political messiahs use our national money to build refineries and advanced hospitals in foreign lands. We are the cause of our problems, but MTN is only a part and not the whole of our problems. Think!

But it is not only everyday Nigerians discussing the controversial issue.

Experts like Bismarck Rewane, Feyi Fawehinmi, Tunji Andrews, Akin Oyebode etc. continue to ask relevant questions about the allegations

London based economist, Feyi Faweihnmi said:

CEO, Financial derivatives, Bismarck Rewane said:

“We need this move just as much as we need a bullet to the head. The reserves are below $46m and the United States is increasing interest rates, GDP numbers came in and there’s a slump from 1.95 to 1.5. We don’t need any erosion of confidence in any form.”

In a press release last week, MTN continued to insist on its innocence, stating that “MTN Nigeria will continue to engage with the relevant authorities on all these matters and we remain resolute that MTN Nigeria has not committed any offences and will vigorously defend its position.”

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