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9-year-old daughter of Kenyan Senior Magistrate kidnapped, tortured and murdered

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Maribel Kapolon, the kidnapped 9-year-old daughter of Kenyan Senior Magistrate has been found dead with her body dumped in a forest.

Maribel Kapolon was kidnapped on September 6, while walking to her home with three other pupils of Consolata Primary school shortly after she was dropped by a school bus.

The deceased who is the daughter of a Senior Resident Magistrate of Githongo Law Courts, Ms Caroline Kemei, reportedly rushed to the car of the stranger leaving the other children.

“The man called to her and she rushed to him shouting “habari uncle”. There was no commotion, hence her fellow pupils and those in nearby shops would not have suspected anything sinister.” says the report.

According to the Police, the daughter of Kenyan Senior Magistrate had been called in a similar manner by people said to be her relatives. Her abductors killed her after demanding a ransom of Sh500,000, which was not met by her family.

The decomposing body of the little girl still dressed in her school uniform, was found on September 15, by locals visiting a giant Meru Oak, a popular tourist attraction in Imenti forest, about three kilometres from Meru town.

Though the police are yet to establish the motive of the kidnapped and subsequent killing, it was gathered that family members are being questioned by detectives as they try to solve the crime.

The corpse of the little girl had one shoe, body bone signs of torture, cuts on her thighs and an arm burned by acid.

“We don’t know if it’s related to her parents’work or it was a domestic issue. We are investigating to know if the killers made demands, ” said an officer.

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