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Nigerian Pilgrim Gets $200 For Returning N485,000 Found In Toilet

Friday 24 August 2018

A Nigerian pilgrim currently performing the Hajj in Saudi Arabia will be rewarded with $200 for returning N485,000 he found at a public convenience (toilet) in the tent city of Muna on Wednesday.

It was gathered that the Nigerian pilgrim, Musa Muhammad Edotsu, from Gbago local government area of Niger State, found a bag containing an international passport, a key, and money in US dollar, Saudi Riyals and Dirham denominations.

He then took the bag to the officials of Niger State pilgrims board who identified the owner.

It is understood that the money belonged to the Chairman of the Enugu State Pilgrims Board, Alhaji Zukalraini Saeed.

Here’s the breakdown of the money: $1,200 (equivalent to N435,180 at official rate), N492 (N47,586 at official rate) Saudi Riyals and 65 Dirham.

The Amirul Hajj of Niger State pilgrims, Alhaji Abubakar Magaji, who officially handed over the money to the owner, commended the gesture of Edotsu for returning the money at a time most pilgrims could be out of cash.

He said the Niger State pilgrims board will reward pilgrim Edotsu with $200 (N72,530) for his honesty.

The owner of the money also appreciated the gesture of Malam Edotsu and the officials of the Niger State Pilgrims Board for exhibiting such “high level of honesty by returning the money”.

He implored other pilgrims to emulate the character exhibited by the pilgrim from Niger State, adding that honesty and transparency were among the virtues Islam preached and stood for.

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