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How young man was caught trying to use his mum for ritual

Saturday 25 August 2018

Here is a shocking story on how a young Nigerian man was caught trying to use his mother for money ritual.

The story was shared on Twitter by Cynthia @cynthybobby who said the woman was rescued from death by the Babalawo (traditional priest) who was meant to carry out the ritual.

See full shocking story below;


Here’s a thread on how my family friend wanted to use his mum for ritual. READ AND ENJOY.

So this man is my father’s colleague at work, that automatically makes his wife and my mum friends , and we the kids too. Their kids and I went to the same primary school you know how the whole family friend thing works. We are all very close.

Their only son (the mother’s favourite) attended one of the most expensive secondary schools, my dad couldn’t even afford to send us there then. He graduated and got admission into a private university (name withheld). I don’t know what he did, but his admission was terminated.

So they had to send him to another private university, where he met 3 friends. The four of them were very close and inseperable, aspa guy guy😂 They were so desperate to have money…. they decided to go and do money rituals.

They went to one babalawo(best in the game) . Babalawo asked their names, age , school and stuff, you know, getting to know his clients. He then told them that the spirits have heard them and they can go ahead with the rites.

He told the first guy that he would use his father, told the second guy that he would use his sister, told the third to go and bring a mad person and told my family friend that he’d use his mother. Without hesitation the 4 of them Agreed.

When they left, The Babalawo started thinking that this boys are too young (the oldest among them is 23) they attend expensive schools, they really do not lack anything, so what exactly are they looking for?

Babalawo became hesitant (Holyspirit at work) according to him, if the boys were like in their 40’s and they have suffered in life, he would’ve done it for them, but this boys haven’t even experienced shit, they have the time and resources to make it in life.

He then called them to bring the personal details of the person they want to use this includes phone number, photographs and all (the boy to use a mad person would bring the details of any close family member of the mad person as a point of contact) which they did.

NB. I’m going to focus on only my family friend now, same thing applies to all of them.

So, this woman was in her house when her phone rang, the caller( the babalawo) told her that he had serious information regarding her son but that she needs to meet him somewhere to talk

He told her to come with her husband or anybody she wants incase she was scared to meet him alone. Immediately she told her husband and they both went to meet the man where they met the other boys parents too. The babalawo explained everything to them.

At this point, his mother was already shouting, it’s not possible, her son is not capable of that, she knows the child she raised, blah blah blah. The babalawo then said that can she at least pretend as if she didn’t know anything going on so she can see the kind of son she has.

She agreed. Later that evening the babalawo the called the boys that it’s time for the final rite. The D-day is here. The boys got there immediately with hopes that when they leave they’d be “Bill gates”

Unknown to them that their parents were hiding in a room there, the babalawo told them to remove all their clothes which they all did and tied red wrappers. Four of them in their various costumes 😂😂😂

It was my family friends turn, he called him out in the shrine and said in Yoruba, “Are you sure that the person’s details before me is your mother?”
He replied – Beeni sir!
He asked again “Are you sure that you’re ready to use your mother no matter the consequences….

….it’ll have on her, be it death?”
Again, without hesitation he shouted “Beeni Sir”

Note that at this point the mother was already shaking in the room.

The third time the man said “Are you sure that you’re ready to meet the needs of the spirits, because….

…there’s no going back?” You guessed it “Beeni sir” The babalawo then said he is going to evoke the spirit of his mother now for the final rite, he went in and brought the mother and asked the boy

“Is this the woman that gave birth to you and the object of sacrifice…

…. who would bring you money?” The boy looking straight into his mother’s face thinking it was her spirit and not the real her without hesitation replied “Beeni sir”

The mother fainted immediately, it took 2weeks and 4days in the hospital before she regained her consciousness. Straight hypertension and stroke. She is aware of everything that happened but it has gotten to her mentally that she’s acting as if nothing happened

My brother called it “Mental denial” her mental state is in-between normal and semi normal. You know when you’re know what’s going on but mentally, you just won’t admit it. Her health has terribly deteriorated. Thank God for prayers and therapy, she’s getting better.

The university got to know and expelled the boys. What happened after I do not know. But i know nobody was arrested.

I know it sounds like a nollywood movie. I never would’ve believed this story if it didn’t happen so close to me. Best believe, things are happening. And this our generation is becoming sth else. Quick money is the trend now, everybody wants to pop champagne for IG. God help us.


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