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“Having children is a burden” – Nigerian woman sparks controversy online

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A Nigerian Twitter user who goes by the handle @shomicita sparked a heated debate after she tweeted that children are a burden.

The London-based speaker and writer clarified her position saying she doesn’t mean a ‘burden’ in a negative sense but that raising children requires a mother to sacrifice her own needs.

She shared messages she received from mothers who agreed with her sentiment. See them below..

The woman shared series of Tweet to explain her point and also shared messages she received from mothers who agreed with her that children are a burden.

See them below.

Children are a burden (I don’t mean this in a bad way, it is what it is). They often slow down careers, are very costly and are very time consuming. It’s sad that some are carelessly brought into the world by people unwilling to make those sacrifices.

Without a kid you typically have to mainly worry about yourself. With a child, you have to factor them into every decision you make. You have another load to carry, you can’t be as impulsive and frivolous, you shift your way of living to accommodate them.

I mean it in the sense that they are a heavy responsibility, it’s not all giggles and candy. You need to sacrifice a lot of energy and effort to successfully raise a child. I’d rather paint child-rearing realistically than decorate it.

Again, I’m not trying to say that having a child is a bad thing. But the reality of the matter is that raising a child is a heavy load. Yes you love them and you (hopefully) don’t regret it, you can (and should) even enjoy it. That shouldn’t dampen the efforts and sacrifices made.

Source – gistreel

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