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Anthony Joshua comes Under Fire for Comments on Raising his Niece to be “Someone’s Wife”

Saturday 3 March 2018

An interview Anthony Joshua had with British GQ when he covered the magazine in April 2017 is trending, and not for good reasons.

messi-ronaldo-iniestaThe countdown to the highly prestigious and anticipated 2012 Ballon D’or at Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland, has commenced. 7th January, 2013 is the day the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), awards the ‘best player of the year’ with the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Previously two separate awards, the FIFA player of the year award and the Ballon d’Or, these merged in 2010 to form the FIFA Ballon d’Or and three exceptional players are in the race to wear this coveted crown – Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Real Madrid), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona/Spain) and Lionel Messi (Argentina/Barcelona).

Following that the FIFA Ballon d’Or is an award of individual merit, Messi is favourite to clinch the prize after consecutively winning the last three editions. What’s more, momentum is certainly one thing working in Messi’s favour as his individual performance in the year under review has been nothing but phenomenal.

But then, we ask, who are you placing your bet on to win the award? Will it be the dazzling Cristiano Ronaldo, the magical Andres Iniesta or phenomenal wonder kid, Lionel Messi?

Have Your Say…

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It seems World Heavyweight Champion boxer is not exactly a feminist icon.

Joshua, in the interview, discussed his experience as a father.

He is not strict with his son, Joseph, he said, because he’s a boy who’s going to be a “man’s man.”

His niece, however, he is strict with, he said. Why? Because she has to be “a good woman, respectful,” and will one day become “somebody’s wife.” He said:

I don’t think I’m that strict with Joseph, I don’t know why. But with my niece I’m strict. I think it is because she is older, but also he’s a boy – he’s going to be a man’s man, he’ll want to spread his wings, be a Jack-the-lad, build his character. But I am sure there are things I will be strict about. But with my niece, there is none of that Jack-the-lad nonsense for her! My view is you have to be a good woman, respectful, one day you will be someone’s wife, you have to learn family morals… what it is to be a good woman.

Social media users have been going off on him, criticising him for the comment. See some of the tweets below:

IGP (2)The ugly trend of molestation which is fast becoming a norm rather than an exception, took a dangerous dimension when a lady believed to be in her early twenties, was molested  to an unconscious state by four men around Cemetery Road in Warri, Delta State.

The victim, who is now receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital, was said to have boarded a taxi cab with four male passengers from Odion Road to her residence in Aguowe Street, Off Mac Demot Road. gathered that to the chargin of the victim, the driver suddenly took a detour and headed towards Cemetery Road. We further learnt that upon challenging the driver of the taxi on the unexplained detour, the other passengers drew a dagger and threatened to kill her if she raised any alarm.

She was thereafter driven down to a storey building on the Cemetery Road where the scumbags took turns in r*ping the daylight out of her to a state of unconsciousness.

However, luck would run out on the suspects as the matter was reported to the Quick Response Squad of the Delta State Police Command in Warri, who swung into action and arrested one Akpofure, Seih and Obrakpo all of Nos. 24, 64 and 66, Cemetery Road, Warri.

Public Relations Officer of the command, ASP Famous Ajieh, who confirmed the arrests in Asaba yesterday, stated that the police were currently on the trail of the fourth suspect, one Ebeme.

The spokesman also said the arrested suspects had confessed to the crime, adding that one Black Berry phone used by the suspects in recording the despicable act, was recovered.

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Just when one thinks the strangest things occur in Nigeria, a special case gets reported from Iran as this Iranian faces a very rare case of Hairs growing in his eyes.

The weird condition  is said to be of a rare cyst on his right eyeball sprouting hairs – impairing his vision and causing him discomfort every time he blinked.

Medically the  hairy eyeball was the result of a limbal dermoid – skin tissue that can sprout hair, cartilage, sweat glands and even teeth.

Doctors had to surgically remove the tumor – which measured 5mm by 6mm – after it began to interfere with the patient’s daily life.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported the bizarre medical anomaly after it was submitted by doctors at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Tabriz, Iran.

‘He did not have pain, but the mass caused vision defects, mild discomfort on blinking, and the intermittent sensation of the presence of a foreign body,’ the journal reported.

The man said he had been born with the mass, but it had gradually been growing in size.

It had begun impairing his vision – his left eye was 20/20, but his right eye saw only 20/60.

The hairy cyst is about twice the size of libal dermoids that doctors usually see, Dr Richard Meetz, a clinical professor at the Indiana University School of Optometry, told MailOnline.

Limbal dermoids are rare – occurring in about one in 10,000 patients.

‘I have seen a couple in my career, but I’ve seen over a 100,00 patients,’ he said.

The cysts are always conprivate part – developing in the womb when skin cells get misplaced in the eye as it is developing.

The hairy spot on the Iranian man’s eye is made of the same kinds of tissue that forms skin.

Cysts like the one pictured can occur in various places on the body.

They can grow can hair follicles, sweat glands and cartilage. In very rare cases, teeth can even form. However, Dr Meetz said he is unsure whether a limbal dermoid with teeth had ever been found on an eyeball.

The biggest complication from limbal dermoids come from vision impairment. Because of the placement of the cyst on the eyeball, they warp a patient’s vision and can prevent sharp, clear eyesight from developing.

When we seriously face problems we should not forget that some face worse situations. Being alive is enough to thank your maker for

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