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Angry Woman Glues Her Fiance’s Finger To His Nipple…You Won’t Believe Why She Did It (Photos)

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Dad Craig Richardson woke up to find a false nail attached to his finger which had been glued to his nipple

An angry mum wreaked revenge on her fiancé for not getting up in the night to help with their newborn baby – by gluing his finger to his nipple as he slept.

Kylie Cain was left fuming with Craig Richardson as he slept soundly while she fed and changed Stevie Cain in the early hours of Saturday morning.

And after settling the six-week-old she decided to teach her plumber partner a lesson.

Having attached a false nail to his left index finger she then covered it in glue and stuck it to his right nipple – snuggling up to him to hold it in place as it dried.

The following morning she recorded the moment she woke 32-year-old Craig – and his expletive-ridden reaction when he realised his predicament.

The man and his fiancee have since made up after the incident

Kylie, 29, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: “I’ve just carried his child for nine months, it’s a bit of payback.

“I was up in the night with the baby getting her fed and nappy changed before putting her back down.

“Craig was just lying there snoring his head off happy as Larry.

“After I put her back in her cot I was lying there wide awake and a bit bored.

“I spotted the glue and the fake nails on my bedside table so I decided to stick one onto him.”

Kylie left Craig with his finger glued to his chest for two hours before popping out to get some nail polish remover.

It took 45 minutes of applying it before Craig was freed.

Craig tries to move his finger but discovers it’s been glued to his nipple

Kylie added: “It’s definitely worked and means he gets up more at night with her.

“In fairness in the day he helps with her but at night he was just that shattered he didn’t get up.

“After this he won’t go back to sleep before he’s made sure I’m asleep first. I’m a bit worried about what payback he’s planning.”

Craig said: “When I woke up I remember thinking ‘what’s hurting me?’. I tried to move my hand down so I could scratch my chest and it was then I clocked on.

“At first I thought something was caught on me but then Kylie started laughing her head off like she had been up to something.

“I was stuck like that for two hours as it wouldn’t budge. We had to use nail varnish remover at the finish to get the stuff off but it didn’t half sting.

“That acetone made my nipple cold and feel like it was burning. They say giving birth hurts but this was the next level up in pain.

“I’ll definitely be getting her back one day, just not yet.”

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