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How My Family Was Massacred By Nigerian Soldiers In The Asaba | Video

Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Nigerian media personality has lamented after his attempt to discuss the Asaba massacre on radio was shut down by government agents.

An on-air-personalty by name Chxta has shared a touching video of an eyewitness account how Nigerian soldiers brutally massacred residents of Asaba in what is now known as the Asaba massacre during the civil war, TORI NEWS has gathered.

Chxta on Thursday raised alarm after government agents through the National Broadcasting Commission allegedly shut down his show for daring to discuss the 1967 Civil War & Asaba massacre on Nigeria Info FM.

Chxta who had already advertised the show by writing “Join @Chxta and @nellylaoni on the #MiddayDialogue today at 1 PM as we discuss the Asaba massacre and the unresolved scars of Biafra” got the shock of his life after his show was shut down as the alleged government agents didn’t want him to talk about it.

“I was on air discussing the #AsabaMassacre on this show, & a call came from the NBC. 


“Shut the show down.”


I’ve been kicked off the air.”

Taking to Twitter to vent his anger, Chxta added: “The massacre was denied officially until 2001. The surviving perpetrators said they’d do it again.


The massacre has not been officially acknowledged by the Nigerian state. It isn’t in any national records. Just mentioned at the Oputa Panel.


You don’t realise that the Nigerian Army murdered its own citizens, and the Nigerian state acknowledging it will help heal the wounds?


My mother’s people didn’t fight for Biafra. They were never Biafrans. Half the males in the family were lined up and shot. By Nigeria.

It doesn’t hurt you. My family’s loss hurts me. I’ve written about it every year since 2009. I’ll write about it until Nigeria does right.” he wrote on Twitter.

Also recounting how the massacre happened, his mother’s brother Dr. Ifeanyi Uraih in 2009 in Tampa told Elizabeth Bird and Fraser Ottanelli details of the bloody massacre.

Many Twitter users have condemned the government of President Muhammadu Buhari over its dictatorial overtures and use of force to gag people from speaking and creating awareness on Nigeria’s history.

Nigerians are of the opinion that if this part of Nigeria’s history is not discussed, the wounds of the past will never heal as they say no matter how far the government tries to run away from it, it will keep reoccurring.

Watch eyewitness account of the Asaba massacre as narrated by Dr. Ifeanyi Uraih below:

Source: Tori

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