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Former Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson Denies Nose Job Rumours

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Dabota Lawson is shutting down all the nose job rumors and she has assured her fans that her mastery of the art of makeup is to blame.

The former beauty queen took to her Instagram yesterday to address the rumours that she had gotten plastic surgery on her nose.

“I’ve never had any surgery on my face . I’m open about my beauty regime regardless of how extreme it is,” she said in the post, adding, “My nose is cute and small. I’m a beauty expert and I know how to apply my makeup so well people think I’m airbrushed 💁🏽.”

She continued, “I’ve also worked in front of cameras since I was 6 years old. By now y’all should know working my angles comes easy honey. You can learn a few tips and tricks if you ask me or you can stay 😡. Take it or leave it.”

This clarification comes barely two months after rumours made round that the ex-wife of billionaire businessman, Prince Sunny Aku, paid N5 million for a b*tt job.

According to sources close to Dabota, she allegedly underwent a b*tt augmentation surgery in a private clinic in Lekki, Lagos. This procedure is said to be one in which fat was transferred to her behind to make it look bigger. The beauty queen never denied the story and also did not speak about it, unlike in the past when she wholeheartedly admitted to bleaching her skin.

Now, she is addressing the rhinoplasty rumours, saying she did not get any done. But, do fans believe her?

“Gurl u don’t have to explain ya self to nooobody….haters gone hate no matter what. So my advice; do your thang and keep shinning/glowing/glistening,” said one fan.

And another added, “U could start a vlog on how regular women can make themselves feel better and look like queens.”

Well, here’s her photo from years ago:

Meet Dabota in new photos:

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