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Kevin Hart’s Apology Video For Alleged S*x Tape — See Fans’ Reactions

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Kevin Hart, 38, blindsided fans when he sat down for an emotional video in which he apologized to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish, 33, and his kids. What was he apologizing for? It’s not quite clear outside of what he describes as a “major lapse in judgement.” Could this be in reference to some alleged s*x tape that could surface any minute now? According to The Blast, someone has attempted to extort the movie star but didn’t get paid in the process. Now law enforcement is involved. Head here for more pics of Kevin with his stunning wife.

Reactions to the funnyman’s video range from subdue criticism to outright hilarity but they are almost all unified by a total lack of sympathy for Kevin if an alleged s*x tape or some proof of infidelity were to surface soon. “Kevin Hart’s favorite pastime is cheating on someone he’s married to and getting caught. Yo your body is horrible at cheating lol,” one fan wrote. “LOL so Kevin Hart apologizing to his wife for infidelity we all saw but he denied? Color me surprised,” another captioned GIF of a young girl “clutching her pearls.” It’s possible the commenter is referring to the video that surfaced in July of Kevin looking awfully cozy with a woman named Monique in a car in the middle of the night. In the days after the video surfaced, Kevin reportedly laughed off the accusations of cheating. After all, he has been upfront about cheating on his first wife Torrei Hart, 39, in the past and his intention to never repeat that mistake.

Follow R.L. Slime @drxgzilla When Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, who he cheated on with his current wife, found out that he cheated on his current wife. 1:49 AM – Sep 17, 2017 2121 Replies 1,2551,255 Retweets 2,7132,713 likes

Follow Khal Draghoe @brownandbella LOL so Kevin Hart apologizing to his wife for the infidelity we all saw but he denied? Color me surprised. 12:40 AM – Sep 17, 2017 1616 Replies 1,0111,011 Retweets 1,9391,939 likes

Follow Educated_Ratchet @ILuhsHappoIDo Y’all: Did Kevin Hart apologize for cheating? Black Women on Twitter Months Ago: 1:10 AM – Sep 17, 2017 1616 Replies 1,7671,767 Retweets 2,9462,946 likes

Follow PartyGirlsPod @PartyGirlsPod Me coming to Twitter after watching Kevin Hart’s apology 1:39 AM – Sep 17, 2017 · Houston, TX 1616 Replies 770770 Retweets 1,6661,666 likes

Follow fooler initiative @metroadlib kevin hart’s FAVORITE pastime is cheating on someone he’s married to and getting caught. your boy is HORRIBLE at cheating. lol. 1:12 AM – Sep 17, 2017 77 Replies 284284 Retweets 472472 likes

Follow Lisa Millie @lisamillie93 Side chick: I got receipts. Kevin Hart: Okay what you want? Side chick: Money! Kevin Hart: 2:34 AM – Sep 17, 2017 88 Replies 282282 Retweets 665665 likes

source: Theinfong

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