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Eva Alordiah and a Fan Threw Shade At Each Other And Its Hilarious

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Hilarious shade Between Nigerian female Rapper Eva Alordiah and a fan on Instagram just inches after the female rapper revealed that she usually makes the first move towards a guy.

The Fan made fun of her forehead of which Eva Alordiah replied saying: ” it is bigger than your deek tho”.

Eva Alordiah In an interactive session had revealed she usually makes the first move towards a guy.

she said;

“If you die tomorrow and you do not get to experience that beautiful(love). If you really like him so much, the only reason that you should hold back is if you are not sure that he likes you that much. I think it is sweeter when he shows you first how much he likes you. I had to teach myself how not to be too forward. I used to be too forward. If I like a guy, I would be like hey, I like you.

The next thing, we are kissing. I used to be very forward but I have had to calm down and understand that sometimes, regardless of how you are feeling, you want to hold back

source: 36ng

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