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Watch This Hilarious Video Of Ladies Sharing The Sounds They Make During s*x

Thursday, 10 August 2017

A reporter recently went to the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerian ladies a simple question; “What is your ringtone during s*x with your lover?” and the responses were quite hilarious.

Some ladies who responded to the ‘jamb’ question

Nigerians have always shied away from s*xual topics and conversations in public. However it doesn’t change the fact that everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to their next climax.

Popular online TV, BattaBox sent their reporter, Fluorin YP to the commercial streets of Lagos to find out from ladies what their ring tone is during s*x.

While a young girl said; “ah ahn, oh yeah”, another lady said; “Yes baby, common baby give it to me baby. Don’t be stingy baby”.

A girl said; “I don’t make sound”, while another girl said; “I fit dey make aaahh if e pain me”.

Watch the hilarious video below;


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