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Trouble! Woman whose husband died recently married him without knowing his village

Saturday, 5 August 2017

It was really double tragedy for a housewife who cohabited with a lover as husband and had five children without knowing the man’s place of origin.

Her husband died last week, the woman was unable to take him home for burial and she consequently dumped his corpse at an undisclosed mortuary in Lagos. She then asked his family members to go there and carry him for burial.

She now has to face the pain of losing her husband and at the same time being accused of causing his death. The man’s family claimed that her refusal to bring down the corpse to his village for burial was because she caused his untimely death.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the late Boye who hailed from Delta State met her lover and wife, Joyce in Lagos and they lived together as husband and wife and had children.

The couple lived at Fashola Street in Ejigbo for 12 years before the late Boye passed on after a brief illness.

It was learnt that all through the years they lived together, Joyce did not know his family members except the ones she saw in Lagos and had never visited Boye’s village to know his parents.

P.M.EXPRESS learnt that Boye did not also travel to the village to see his parents neither did he take Joyce to them before he died.

It was learnt that the family wanted Joyce to bring the corpse home and explain to the family why she seized him for those years and eventually killed him. But Joyce got wind of the possible attack and arrest and decided to dump the corpse at the mortuary.

When our correspondent visited the bereaved woman, she confirmed his death and said that Boye fell sick and died.

She narrated that when her husband was alive, she tried severally to get Boye to take her to his village to see his parents but he refused.

She maintained that she cannot be blamed for what happened, that even her late husband did not visit her own family in Anambra State before his demise.

It was not certain whether the family will go to the morgue to carry Boye’s corpse and take custody of his children, as their late brother did not properly marry Joyce by paying her bride price.

According to their tradition, since the late Boye did not pay her dowry, the five children belong to the woman’s family which was seen as an additional gain to the family.

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