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Tips To Have Better S*x

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Want to have better s*x, mind blowing orgasms? Then explore our s*x tips and get your freak on!!! Click any of the tabs below

1 Hit the bathroom before you hit the bedroom
Most women know they should go to the bathroom after s*x to avoid a painful urinary-tract infection, but many doctors say relieving your bladder before you have s*x is just as important. When old urine is sitting in your bladder, it increases the chance that bacteria will multiply. Start with a clean bladder, and if you are prone to bladder infections, urinate again within an hour after s*x.

2 BYOC (bring your own condoms)
This should go without saying, but never depend on your partner to carry protection. You don’t want to start getting busy only to find out you need to stop and head to the drugstore. Besides,by providing your own, you can pick out the kind you like best. He may not think to buy the “extra-sensation- for-her type”, but you will

3 Take notice of your hands and nails
We’ve never heard a guy complain that the polish on our fingers didn’t match the polish on our toes. Jagged edges of your nails near his man-hood will most likely hurt and make him head to the door. Make sure to use lotion, too, so your hands will feel insanely soft against his skin

4 Turn off your phone
When things start getting steamy, you probably won’t remember to put your phone on vibrate (other things, maybe, but not your phone), so put it on mute before the kissing begins. Most men would be almost as likely to lose motivation in the middle of intercourse if a woman answered the phone like if she called out another man’s name

5 Wear a sexy perfume
If you smell sweet, he’s going to want to get closer. Just keep in mind the kind of scents that turn your man on and off and don’t over-apply. Your fragrance shouldn’t enter the room before you do.

6 Talk to him
Let there be communication during s*x. Moaning and groaning is cool, but dirty talk is fun for both parties, and typically you ends up getting more of what you actually want in the bedroom when you can be vocal about it in a playful way.

7 The art of undressing
The art of undressing a person is in itself a type of foreplay. Some guys appreciate the slow teasing while some just want to tear your clothes off. Needleless to say, figure out which one works best for both of you.

8 Take off your jewelry
That gorgeous necklace you’ve got, when you move into the bedroom, it can be a painful liability. Try to slip off large necklaces, big rings and long earrings when you have a second to avoid breaking your jewelry or chipping his teeth (or other important body parts) with your gems.

9 Exfoliate all over (including your b*tt)
While you’re in the shower primping your hot bod, don’t forget to use an exfoliating sponge or puff to get the often overlooked erogenous zones including your elbows, knees and bum to make them smooth to touch

10 Bring a hair tie
There is nothing sexy about your hair getting in your way. Keep a hair tie (band) around your wrist so you can quickly pull back those strands that keep ending up in your mouth or his mouth.

11 Buy a pair of sexy undies
Special lacy underwear will give you a confident swagger that your partner won’t be able to resist.

source: Honeyandbanana

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