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Tips On Getting Your Girl In The Mood For Romance

Thursday, 3 August 2017

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you can easily fall into a routine. Before you know it, you’re spending every night together plopped on the couch, watching TV and then going to bed. While it’s pleasant be comfortable with the woman in your life, you don’t want to let the relationship go stale. That’s why it’s nice to plan a special romantic date night with your girlfriend every once in a while, just to spice things up. Here are some tips on how to make sure the night is extra romantic…and extra steamy.

Consider a classic

If you and your gal spend most of your time at home, then going out on the town is a tried and true way to have a romantic time. Even if you find yourselves going out to eat at the local diner occasionally, puttingGetting your gal in the mood for romance in effort to really plan out a special night will take things to a whole new level. If you know your girlfriend loves to be surprised, then go ahead and plan the night out “behind her back.” Make dinner reservations well in advance, and when you do, ask the restaurant manager if you can have an “extra romantic” seat by a window or in the back.

Take a moment to look up their menu online, and if you see a dessert you know your gal will love, ask the restaurant if they’ll bring it to the table as a surprise at the end of your meal. Oh, and while you’re surfing the web, why not buy condoms online to prepare for the “dessert’ you have when you get home.

Relive a special moment

Want something even more romantic? Then take a moment to sit back and reflect on the best dates you and your girlfriend had when you were a new couple. Maybe on your first date you had a picnic in the park, or went to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Surprise your girlfriend by recreating the date to a T. You’ll get extra points if you can dig out the same blanket you used for your picnic, or remember what you and your gal ordered.

You can put a twist on this idea by reenacting a romantic scene from one of your gal’s favorite movies. Take her on a date inspired by Amelie, When Harry Met Sally or 16 Candles. If the movie has a steamy s*x scene, all the better. There’s nothing like a little role playing to make a hot date more intense.

Have a sexy night in

Who says you have to go out to have a romantic time? Skip out of the office a bit early on the day of your date so you can clean up the house before your girlfriend gets home. It may sound cheesy, but lighting candles and putting a bouquet of flowers in your living room or kitchen will definitely enhance the romantic mood. Plan out your girlfriend’s favorite meal, or come up with something new and exciting. When your girlfriend walks in to the scent of a home cooked meal and a clean, candle-lit room, she’ll be going gaga before you know it.

Such a romantic experience definitely calls for something extra in the bedroom, too. Why not pick up a personal vibrator like the Personal Pleasure Massager. This little toy will definitely be a welcome surprise when it comes time to snuff out the candles and get to work between the sheets.

source: Lifestyles

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