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The Phone S*x Guide

Friday, 18 August 2017

According to this excerpt from our new book, The Best s*x of Your Life, good s*x doesn’t always come to those who mate. Sometimes, the steamiest s*x can be had with your phone. Here are some tips to make phone s*x work in all the right ways.
Love line

Just because you can’t be near your partner doesn’t mean you can’t keep those s*xual fires burning. One great way is by engaging in phone s*x with him. It’s sort of like talking dirty in bed, but there’s more buildup as you both have to set the scene.

Step 1
Ask your partner what he is wearing, where he is, and how much he would like you to touch him while you are on the phone.

Step 2
As things get hotter and you two start self servicing while on the phone with each other, you can tell him what you want him to do to you and what you would do to him if he were there.

Step 3

As you get more hot and bothered, don’t be afraid to be vocal. Even if your partner can’t see you, he can still hear you, and it’s especially hot for him to hear your pleasure over the phone.

When you send s*xual text messages, or sexts, to your significant other, you can get him in the mood for later. Text about what you want to do with him later or what you’re doing that’s hot at the moment. Or send him a photo of something sexy you are wearing or plan to wear later to help get him in the mood. If you two start sexting back and forth, you may both get so worked up you’ll have to take an early lunch for a secret rendezvous!

source: Sheknows

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